Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Xiangshan Seafood Festival

Xiangshan County, in the middle of the Zhejiang Province, southern flank of the Yangtze River Delta, is surrounded by the sea on three sides. With a pleasant climate and beautiful natural scenery, Xiangshan County is rich in marine resources and has been hailed as a natural sea museum. All year round Xiangshan has the best seafood in China and every year a constant stream of people comes here to enjoy the seafood as well as the sea gentle breeze. Since 2004, the Xiangshan County government has been utilizing the unique natural fishery environment of the area to boost the Xiangshan Seafood Festival in early winter when seafood harvesting occurs.


The festival happens at Shipu Port in Xiangshan, one of the largest fishing ports in China, where the largest seafood market – China Seafood City is located. The Xiangshan Seafood Festival has a great variety of seafood products to be tasted as well as organized activities including exhibitions and performances. During the festival, the port is alive with crowds of people, Chinese folk drumming and fireworks. People can enjoy delicious seafood while watching the opening ceremony performance or local folk shows.


Thanks to the abundant seafood resources, the Xiangshan seafood catering industry has succeeded in becoming an essential part of the Xiangshan economy. The hugely popular Xiangshan Seafood Festival has helped make Xiangshan even more famous.