Jinhua Youbu Ancient Town, the best place to sense the vicissitudes of more than 1400 years

Youbu Ancient Town, located in the southwest of Lanxi City, has been the significant distribution center of agricultural products and the substantial commercial hub for long. It is reputed as one of the four more-than-one-thousand ancient towns in Zhejiang and the other three are Tongxiang Wuzhen, Huzhou Nanxun and Yiwu Fotang. According to the research, Youbu Wharf won the reputation of the best wharf in the upstream Qianjiang River in the early Tang Dynasty and the substantial commercial wharf dedicating to the boom of the downstream Qujiang River.

Youbu Ancient Town: the commerical hub in old times

In Youbu Ancient Town, there are many ancient bridges built in Qing Dynasty, such as Taiping Bridge, Yong’an Bridge, Yongji Bridge, Yongfu Bridge and Lianxi Bridge, and these five were described as horses in the joint name, Five Horse Returning Back to Groove. Standing on the bridge, you will naturally melt into the scenery and become part of the scenery. The moment you touch the rough railings of the bridges, you may sense the strong historical accumulation.

the bridges in the Youbu Ancient Town

Chengdu is well-renowned for the leisure life, however, few people knows the life in Youbu Ancient Town is much more leisurely and carefree. Here, you will find the simple tea tables everywhere, no matter in the high streets or in the back lanes, and even though you are single, you will find local people are hospitable to sit beside you and chat with you as an old friend. The peddlers will have the tea tools, the sesame seed cake and the fried bread stick prepared in the early morning. That is the usual morning of the local people.

the leisure life in the Youbu Ancient Town

Stepping into the sauce park of the lanes, you can see rows of old jars and witness the primitive production process of the soy sauce, which is inherited as the traditional skill by the local people and becomes the essence of the ancient town.