Tiantai Folk Delicacies

Tiantai, located in the north of Taizhou City, Zhejiang, is famous as the hometown of Ji Gong, the legendary monk in the Chinese history, and is famous for its profound Buddhist culture and the magnificent sceneries. Besides these, what most fascinates you may be the Tiantai Delicacies, which has long histories, unique tastes and good wishes.

No.1 Nine Large Bowls

Nine Large Bowls

It is the traditional delicacy in Tiantai. It gets the nine is not because of the quantity of dishes, but because the local custom of worshipping the character, “nine”. In china, the “nine” has the same pronunciation with the longevity, so the ancestors named the delicacy to expect the longevity. The delicacy contains nine bowls: lotus seed, sea cucumber, whole chicken, whole fish, plum, fish gelatin, braised pork, rice pudding, and bamboo shoot. Most notably, the order of the dishes cannot be disturbed.

No.2 Xiuyuan Cake

Xiuyuan Cake

Xiuyuan Cake is a folk traditional delicacy of Tiantai, containing the best wish of flourishing. Legend has it that Zhao Gou, an emperor in Southern Song Dynasty, travelled Lingyin Temple and felt hungry in the nearby forest. Then, a monk appeared and gave this kind of cake, which pleased the emperor. So it gets the name.

No.3 Wonton


Wonton is the most popular food in Taitai, which is especially popular in the Spring Festival. From the appearance, it has no great difference from dumpling, but the stuffing is more various than dumpling.

No.4 Dumpling Tube

Dumpling Tube

The most special delicacy in Tiantai is the Dumpling Tube. Put the stuffing in the thin wrapper and turn it into a flat bamboo slip. Such an easy process makes it popular every festival, especially in the Spring Festival. It was said that Ji Gong was accustomed to collecting the leftovers and warp them up in the form of the tube.

No.5 Green Dumpling

Green Dumpling

Every Qingming Festival, local people are busy making green dumplings, which is made of folium artemisiae argyi. It has two types of tastes: one is sweet and the other is salty, both of which are healthy.

No.6 Wheat Cake

Wheat Cake

Wheat Cake enjoys the equal popularity with the Dumpling Tube and is used for serving noble guests here. Its round shape contains the implication of the reunion. Tradition has it that the bride had to make this kind of cake for parents-in-law to show her cooking skills in fourth day after wedding. Dipping soy sauce, vinegar and hot sauce, the cake tastes more wonderful.