Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Zhejiang Performing Arts Group Sounded the Horn of Work and Performance Resumption in Nanchang City

After being pressed the “pause” button for more than 100 days, Zhejiang Performing Arts Group finally had its performance on May 8. On that evening, Zhejiang Song and Dance Theater of Zhejiang Performing Arts Group performed “Love Assembled in Three Echos to Warm Nanchang” and Nanchang City 2019 “Promote Good Family Tradition, honest Folkway and civilized society” Exemplary Figure Launch Event Performance.


The event was organized by the Nanchang Municipal Party Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Nanchang Radio and Television Station. It is the first performance in Nanchang after the epidemic and also the icebreaking performance of Zhejiang Performing Arts Group. The main leaders of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee, National People’s Congress, People’s Government of Nanchang and the Chinese People’s Political consultative Conference, the main leaders of cities, counties and districts, and some representatives of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) attended the event. Over a hundred of distinguished guests were seated in the 1200-people large studio separately according to the standards of epidemic prevention and control.


The dancing performances of the evening gala were produced by the noted dancer, national first-level producer and national first-level performer, Liu Fuyang and all these dancing performances were customized for the theme of the evening gala from the selection of music, performance design and the final presentation, and the opening dance “Soaring” led by him was magnificent and brought out the theme of the evening gala smoothly; Afterwards, a series of Zhejiang Song and Dance Theater’s great works were performed, which were of far-reaching meaning, among which, the dancing performance, “Huan Sha Nv (the Clothing Washing Girl)” from the dance drama “Wind Blows from the Sea” used a Jiangnan story to spread the gentleness and gracefulness of Zhejiang girls; while the dancing “Building a Dream” demonstrated the fighting spirit in the combination of strength and softness, extremely inspiring. The performance “Family Tradition” by the young singer and national second-level performer, Chen Zhen integrates family tradition, folkway and general mood of society into the lines of lyrics and music, melodious and harmonious; The “Colorful Butterfly Female Musicians” that have performed in many countries and areas performed Jiangxi Folk Song “Tea Song” in the form of instrumental music tutti, which helped build a cultural communication bridge using Jiangnan Region string and wind instruments.


After the performance, Wu Xiaojun, member of Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and secretary of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee spoke highly of the evening gala, especially praised the artistic creation ability of Zhejiang Song and Dance Theater and thanked it for bringing an abundant cultural feast for Nanchang People.

It is the first inter-provincial performance of Zhejiang Performing Arts Group this year. With short preparation time but high performing demands, in order to ensure the performance quality and decrease the impact brought by the epidemic, people from Zhejiang Song and Dance Theater worked overtime to produce excellent works with professional spirit to repay the stage; to ensure the safety, all cast members went to Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital to take Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid and antibody testing before the performance and it emphasized again and again the awareness of prevention and clarified the importance of the safe epidemic prevention and control during the event; for the safe work resumption and performance resumption, all members were wearing masks on the way to Nanchang and exercised close-loop management and performed in seal-off entity after arriving Nanchang, making the icebreaking performance a new starting point.