Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Super Cool Places in Yuhang to Cope with the First Heatwave

The scorching summer has arrived, bringing consecutive days of hot weather. It is necessary to find a cool place to cope with the first heat wave of the summer. Here is a super guide for your information.

Meet a Bamboo Forest in Yuhang

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How can you escape the summer heat without a bamboo forest? In Yuhang, you can't miss the fun deep in the bamboo forests among the rolling mountains.

01 Luniao Town 鸬鸟镇

In Shangougou, nothing is more eye-catching than this ocean-like bamboo forest. Walk through the forest and take in the fresh aromas of mountains. Roll up your pants to enjoy bamboo rafting in the nearby stream and the pleasure of life with the company of the flowing water.

On the way to Lingcunwu in Luniao Town, there is a waterfall. It goes through the cracks in the rocks and cascades down swiftly to the narrow and deep valley like a long white silk ribbon.

Taigongtang Village is also a great place to cool off and it is free of charge. Through the plank path, you can get to the waterfront at the bottom, where you will feel a quick drop in temperature by 4 to 5 degrees. It is very comfortable.

02 Baizhang Town 百丈镇

The terrain of Baizhang Town slopes from northwest to southeast. It is in a mountainous area in northern Zhejiang. The famous Dusong Pass is right here. With beautiful scenery and a tranquil environment, it is an ideal place for people to escape the summer heat.

03 Zijing Village in Zhongtai Streets 中泰紫荆村

Themed on intangible cultural heritage, Zijing Village has a vast bamboo forest covering an area of about 6.67 km², Shiyu Zen Temple and crystal clear water. It is very picturesque. Surrounded by bamboos, you can feel coolness right away.

Step into a River in Yuhang

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When the cool water goes over your feet and takes away the heat from between your toes, isn't it super cool? In Yuhang, there are many hidden gem rivers!

01 Gangnan Village in Liangzhu Streets 良渚港南村

Gangnan Village is an offbeat place to play with water in summer. There is only one bus line 489M to the village. On the way, you will see rolling hills and lush green fields as if you entered the life you aspire to!

When the bus stops at Gangnan Village, you will notice scenery changes. The towering lush green Metasequoia forest standing imposingly on the water looks like a beautiful scene that only appears in Japanese summer-themed movies.

The shade it provides is so large that even in the summer, the temperature here is low as if you were going into a cool, green world. The water is clear and the trees cast long shadows. It is a perfect scene to go with the movie "Kikujiro's Summer."

02 Shuangxi Rafting 双溪漂流

Surrounded by rolling mountains and vast bamboo forests, Shuangxi Rafting is in a very beautiful setting. 

Take your kids to play in water with their friends. This should be the happiest childhood memory for them.

Drive on a Mountain Road in Yuhang

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It has seemingly become quite a challenge to go outdoors in the summer heat, but there is an exception. That is a tree-lined mountain road.

01 Douling Ancient Road 陡岭古道

Situated in Dajingshan, it is different from Xijing Ancient Road which is simple and natural. Douling Ancient Road is a 3-kilometer-long forest road with an asphalt surface. Travelers can drive on it freely and admire the mountain scenery.

At present, the fitness and leisure sightseeing road led by Douling Ancient Road has been built. You can go there by car or mountain bike to enjoy the beautiful scenery from different angles.

02 Wangweishan Ancient Forest Road 王位山森林古道

When you come to Yuhang, you should definitely experience the treacherous bends along the ancient forest road on Wangwei Mountain. There are 65 bends. 20 of them are hairpin bends. One has five consecutive hairpin bends and another one has four consecutive hairpin bends. It is challenging but thrilling.

The winding mountain road looks very like the picturesque national line No. 318. You do not have to go far to experience it. This one at your doorstep is a perfect replacement.

03 Jingshan Mountain Road 径山盘山公路

Once I thought Yuhang was a very "gentle" city. But a closer look at it reveals that it also has a tough place. That is Jingshan Mountain Road. This is a favorite driveway for drivers. It has two lanes. On one side is a steep slope and on the other side is a cliff. It is narrow, steep and winding, known as "Hangzhou's Qiuming Mountain."

Experienced drivers have studied the risk level of this road. On the way, people have to keep turning. It is 24 km long and has a total of 99 turns. Although it is not as high as Mount Taishan and not as treacherous as Mount Huashan, it has a vast bamboo forest, many mountain springs and lush greenery shrouded in clouds and mist. It is definitely a big test of your driving skills to drive up the road.