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Romantic Moments during Summertime in Longwu Town

Cicadae chirp ceaselessly and it rains all night long; As the temperature reaches over 30 degrees, a drowsy feeling crept over the city. How to cope with the hot weather in the summertime in Hangzhou? Read on to learn more …

Let us unlock the romantic summer moments that belong to Longwu Town, Hangzhou.

A Glass of Iced Drink

Iced drink is definitely a romantic thing unique to summer. Those drowsy and hot afternoons can always be awakened completely with a glass of iced drink.

The Futu (浮屠), a Chinese style café located in Waitongwu Village (外桐坞村) is a distinctive existence in Longwu Town that is packed with tea houses. The café mainly serves coffee, but in summer, it offers the summertime limited menu, among which, the sparkling water is worth savoring.

Every drink served in the café is a combination of beauty and fine taste. With just a sip, the bubbles explode in the mouth, bringing out the unique flavor and giving people little surprises. It really exceeds one’s expectations.

Even the names of these sparkling waters are full of summer flavor.

Of course, how can one leave without savoring a cup of tea in Longwu Town? The cold-brewing tea in Longwu Tea house (龙坞茶馆) is not only refreshing but also is convenient to carry around.

Summer Resort Hidden in Nature

By just looking at the stretch of emerald-green water, one will instantly feel that the temperature drops by two to three degrees. This is perhaps the charm of nature. The internet-famous summer resort, Longweibashantang (Dragon Tail Mountain Pool) Reservoir (龙尾巴山塘水库) in Changdai Village (长埭村) is surrounded by mountains on three sides and Changdai Village on the fourth. Verdant mountains have kept the heat of the urban world outside. Driving into the village, you will feel the temperature drop gradually as you are approaching it.

Over the years, Longweibashantang Reservoir gradually came into people’s sight and has become one of the popular summer resorts in Longwu Town. 

There are two things that you’ll need to remember when visiting the reservoir, one is that you'll need to take the waste away with you and the other is that it’s forbidden to get into the water.

Seasonal Delicacies

The scenery and things belonging to summer always bring people the happiness of summer. On the dining tables of Longwu, the locals will choose freshly-picked vegetables and cook them in a simple manner without adding artificial seasonings to stimulate people’s appetite and decrease internal heart with the lightest flavor.

Seasonal vegetables are turned into a bowl of “immortal soup” at the hands of the chief of “Jing Cha Ju (井茶居)” Changdai Village. It is a famous summertime heat-relieving appetizer soup in Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas. It’s a little sour but extremely fresh. Without too much sweetness, it is mild and can touch your heart just like the features of Longwu Town.

Cane shoots and ladies’ fingers are full of summertime flavors. Almost every household in Longwu plants these two ingredients. They are freshly picked in the morning and are cooked and served at noon. 

Cicadae chirp in the trees and the sunshine shines down through tree leaves over people’s heads. Summer will always be hot, but everything beautiful also happens in summer. Come and visit Longwu Town to unlock the summertime romantic moments inclusive to you.