Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Some Scenic Areas in Hangzhou Reopen and Tourists Are Required to Wear Masks

In order to implement the Hangzhou Municipal Government's Supplementary Notice on "Adjusting the Ten Measures for ‘Everyone Is Responsible for the Epidemic Prevention and Control’, from February 19, some scenic spots in Hangzhou reopen to the public.

West Lake

Starting from February 19, the West Lake Scenic Area reopens the attractions in the area that have been closed according to regulations in an orderly manner. The open-air toll attractions in the scenic area will, in principle, be open during normal business hours (see the notice at the ticket office of each scenic spot for details). Various museums (including the former residences, pavilions, and buildings in the scenic area) and other closed places will continue to be closed until further notice.


1. On Feb. 19, the Yue Fei’s Mausoleum and Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Cave Scenic Area opened to the public. The opening hours of Yue Fei’s Mausoleum are from 7: 00 to 18: 00 and those of Huanglong Cave are from 7: 30 to 18: 30. However, Huanglong Cave's Yueju Opera performance has not been resumed, and the performance is not available temporarily.

2. Wansong Academy and Yuhuang (Jade Emperor) Mountain also resumed opening. As for the opening hours, Jade Emperor Mountain is open from 6: 30 to 17: 30, and Wansong Academy is open from 7: 30 to 17: 00. Blind dates at Wansong Academy will not be held for the time being.

3. On February 19, the Chenghuang (City God) Tower Scenic Area also reopened to the public. Everyone can enter by purchasing tickets at the ticket office. However, we must remind you that the two places of Chenghuang Tower and Chenghuang Temple are currently closed to the public, and we will then inform you of the opening hours based on the actual situation.

4. Please take a good look at the opening reminders of the three toll scenic spots of Pagoda of Six Harmonies, Hupao Scenic Area and Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi. The opening hours of Pagoda of Six Harmonies and Hupao Scenic Area are from 7:00 to 17:30, and the opening hours of Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi are from 7:00 to 17:00. Ticket sales will be stopped 30 minutes before the closing. At present, only the main gate is open in the scenic area, and other side doors are temporarily closed; all kinds of museums (including former residences, pavilions and buildings), Pagoda of Six Harmonies and other closed places in the scenic area continue to be closed, and the opening time will be notified separately.

5. The zoo needs to make an appointment to enter half a day in advance. The opening hours are from 8: 00 to 16: 00. You can go to the official WeChat Account of  "杭州动物园 (Hangzhou Zoo)" to make an appointment.

6. The Botanical Garden has opened the north gate, the south gate and the gate on the side of Qingzhiwu (青芝坞). The opening hours are from 7: 00 to 17: 00.

7. Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden, Hangzhou Flower Nursery, Water Landscape in Maoxiang Village, Peak Flying from Afar in Lingyin, Guo’s Villa and Temple to King Qians were all opened to the public on February 19 in an orderly and controlled manner.

Not Open Yet

1. The West Lake Music Fountain and West Lake Cruise will not be resumed for the time being, and Leifeng Pagoda is temporarily closed.

2. Lingyin Temple and other temples in the scenic area are temporarily closed to the public.

Before heading to the attractions, there are two things you should keep in mind:

1. While the parks in the West Lake Scenic Area reopen in an orderly manner, citizens and tourists are encouraged to tour under the real-name system. In accordance with the "Guidelines for the Epidemic Prevention and Control and the Orderly Opening of Scenic Areas in Zhejiang Province" to implement controlled and orderly touring, promote real-name ticket purchases, book tours, and use cashless payment, scenic areas will use the Internet, big data and other means to provide convenience for citizens and tourists; at the same time, to ensure safety, the West Lake Scenic Area will carry out real-time visitor volume control. In principle, the daily reception volume shall not exceed 50% of the carrying capacity, and group tourists will be arranged to enter the scenic area at intervals with the recommended number of tourists per group no more than 30 people. All tourists are required to wear a mask to tour.

2. All parks and scenic areas that reopen this time will carry out compulsory examination of visitors. Scenic areas need to check every tourist entering scenic areas, require tourists to present Hangzhou Health Code, take the temperature of every tourist and set up temporary isolation points nearby. If abnormal body temperature is found or if there are visitors with red health code or yellow, scenic areas are required to hold the person or the people in temporary isolation points and report the situation to the local epidemic prevention and control commanding unit. For those that haven’t applied for health code, scenic areas need to register them in real name and take their temperatures.

Xix National Wetland Park

Starting from noon on February 19, Xixi National Wetland Park opens some areas in an orderly manner. These areas are those from the north gate of Wen’er West Road (文二西路) to Gao’s Villa (高庄) along the Fudi Causeway (福堤), and Yulin Road from Gao’s Villa to Xixi Brook Lotus Beach. The opening hours of other areas of the scenic area will be announced separately.

To ensure safety, there are two things to keep in mind:

1. The scenic area will carry out real-time tourist volume control, and the daily reception volume will not exceed 50% of the carrying capacity in principle.

2. All tourists entering the areas that open this time are subject to compulsory examination. All tourists can only enter and exit the scenic area from the north gate on Wen’er West Road, and they are required to wear masks, show Hangzhou Health Code and cooperate to take the temperature. At the same time, temporary isolation points shall be set nearby. If abnormal body temperature is found or if there are visitors with red health code and yellow, scenic areas are required to hold the person or the people in temporary isolation points and report the situation to the local epidemic prevention and control commanding unit.



Xianghu Lake

From February 19, all parking lots in the Xianghu Lake Scenic Area reopen to the public, and the parking lots are classified and managed according to their popularity and concentration.

The following seven parking lots set up temperature detection points. Visitors are required to cooperate with the staff to complete the information registration, temperature detection, and show the ID and Hangzhou Health Code: Xiasun parking lot (下孙停车场), Chengshan parking lot (城山停车场), Xiangzhuang parking lot (湘庄停车场), Food Square parking lot (美食广场停车场), Tiger Cave parking lot (老虎洞停车场), Shenwangjia parking lot (沈王家停车车场), and Playing with Water in Golden Sands Water Park (金沙戏水停车场).

In the following six parking lots, tourists driving in and out of these parking lots only need to show the staff their IDs and Hangzhou Health Code: Hehuazhuang parking lot (荷花庄停车场), Hushan Square parking lot (湖山广场停车场), Luojiawu parking lot (罗家坞停车场), Yaoyingqiao parking lot (窑影桥停车场), and Defengqiao parking lot (德风桥停车场) and  Xianglifang parking lot (湘里坊停车场).



Foreign Affairs Cruise Ships

From February 20, foreign affairs cruise ships gradually resume operations. It is required to disinfect all operating ships daily and it is strictly implemented that only employees with Hangzhou Health Green Code and normal body temperature, and wearing a mask are qualified to work in ships. Tourists can rest assured of safety while riding these cruise ships.

Business hours:  from 8: 30 to 16: 00
Opening wharf: Huagang Wharf (花港码头), Kuahongqiao Wharf (跨虹桥码头) and No. 2 Lakeside Park Wharf (湖滨二公园码头)

Tourists who want to ride the ships need to cooperate and do the following things:

Wearing a Mask

Showing Health Green Code

Taking Body Temperature

Registering in Real Name

Besides, to avoid contact as much as possible, Foreign Affairs Cruise Ships advocate cashless payment and implement the practice of purchasing tickets by scanning QR Code. According to relevant regulations during the epidemic prevention and control period, the number of passengers per ship cannot exceed 50 percent of the passenger capacity and all tourists are required to cooperate with the staff and sit at intervals under the instruction of the staff.

Currently, the prevention and control work of COVID-19 is still in its key phase. All citizens and tourists, while enjoying the beautiful scenery, are required to actively cooperate with the management work of scenic areas to contribute to winning the fighting against the COVID-19.