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Check out Ningbo’s running and see other sights

The best season for running outdoors is nearly here! The warm, dry weather in summer makes jogging such an enjoyable experience. To many people, running is not only a good method to keep fit but also a shortcut to exploring a city. You see the changes as you pass through every lane and turn around each corner. And you can slow down whenever you want to take a closer look at a place that takes your interest.


We have drawn up a selection, categorized by district, of some of the best locations/areas for runners in Ningbo. The listed areas have ticked all the boxes, including:

1. The area enjoys a good reputation with local runners.

2. The area is relatively safe, away from busy traffic.

3. The area has nice views and plenty of fresh air.

We have also noted the locations suitable for night runs, with some handy tips.

Haishu District

01. Yuehu Park

Yuehu, or Moon Lake was so-called because it resembles shapes of the moon: the widest area looks like a full moon, the narrowest is similar to a crescent moon.

In summer, the lake is shielded by the shade of its surrounding tall trees. It’s enjoyable for fitness fans to run along the lake as the area is filled with the pleasant scents of seasonal flowers. Inhale and exhale!

As you run past surviving old structures built in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, you will be entranced when the sun shines on the lake surface. One lap around the lake is about 3 kilometers. It is good for both morning and night runs.

02. Gulou Area

All routes in the area are centered around Gulou. Built in AD 821 during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), it is the only surviving cultural relic in downtown Ningbo. Boasting a great number of traditional lanes and alleys, such as Fuqiao Street, Xiaowen Street and Xiushui Street, the area has many alluring views and sights every few steps of the way. However, it’s not a good area to run at night due to poor lighting in some old streets.

03. Heyi Avenue

This area is home to Heyi Avenue Shopping Center. There are two routes suitable for jogging, one leading to the riverside with nice greens, and the other stretching 6 kilometers to Yongfeng Road N. It’s very safe for runners as business outlets provide pathways separating pedestrians and vehicles. If you time the run well, the musical fountain will be playing. An evening run is highly recommended for the charming night views.

04. Ningbo Higher Educational Zone

The zone is a cluster of colleges and universities, each with its own recreation areas and professional running tracks. Most runners here are students. There are not many cars on campus so it’s a great place for exercise.

The zone is divided into two sections. The southern area is located in central Yinzhou District. University of Nottingham, Ningbo, and Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, are situated here. The northern area adjacent to Jiangbei District houses Ningbo University. With good lighting facilities, the areas here are ideal for night runs.

Jiangdong District

05. Hefeng Creative Square

The square is located at the former Hefeng Yarn Factory. It is located west to Yong River, east to Jiangdong Road N., south to Min’an Road and north to Tongtu Road. There is a riverside pedestrian path separating the area from motorized vehicles. You can jog while appreciating the mixed-style old factory built in the early 20th century. With good lighting facilities, it is a suitable place for night runs.

06. Ningbo Book City

Ningbo Book City is located on Jiangdong Road N. There is a pedestrian road nearby, facing the Yong River. It’s a shame that the road is quite short but it is great for a shuttle run-though.

On a sunny day, you may run into an artist playing the saxophone by the road. It is suitable for both morning and night runs.

Jiangbei District

07. New Sanjiangkou Park

Sanjiangkou is the junction of three rivers, the Yong, Yao and Fenghua. It is not only the departing port of the Maritime Silk Road but also the border of three districts in the city. The park is steps away from the junction. There is a fitness path available along the riverside. The stone path, however, may be less than comfy so pick the right running shoes. It is suitable for both morning and night runs.

08. Old Bund

This area boasts the most typical Western-style structures in Ningbo, usually built in the mid-to-late 19th century. Apart from enjoying refreshing breezes, you can appreciate the classical European-style buildings, such as the former British Consulate and police station, in the former foreign concessions. It’s a valuable running course that offers the chance to explore the history and stories behind each building as you jog along.

If you have the energy, you can also run along the riverside to Ningbo Grand Theater, a cultural landmark in the city. A return trip is about 5 kilometers in distance. A morning run is highly recommended as the outline of old structures will be more vivid against the sun.

Avoid smog-filled days;
Wear a reflective vest or a colorful alternative to warn other road users;
Choose a pair of running shoes with a vibration reduction system;
If wearing earphones, keep the volume low. Be sure to stay aware of surrounding noises and sounds when the music is on;
Slow down your pace to minimize the stimulation to your heart;
Run with a shorter stride, thus reducing impact on your joints, hips and muscle groups;
Drink plenty of water afterward.

Source: Shanghai Daily