Recommended B&Bs in Nanxun Ancient Town

Luohua (Failing Flower) and Laowu (Old House) Tavern –the delicate museum that few people knows

Key words: flower carving, antique

Open the red iron door of the tavern, and you will see twelve stone sculptures of Chinese Zodiac at the first sight, which seems gigantic under the background of the moss. The objects displayed in the quaint front hall are not only elegant but also exquisite. Behind a little door is an extraordinary paradise of the garden. There is a private museum in the neighborhood of the tavern, which exhibits all sorts of priceless treasures, such as strange rocks, curios, bonsais and so on.

Luohua (Failing Flower) and Laowu (Old House) Tavern

If you are enthusiast of Chinese styles, then this is an excellent choice. Here, the houses are full of the elegance of Jiangnan styles, a luxury room is decorated with elaborate flower carvings, …, all the elements, from carving to painting, reflect the Chinese traditional culture. How dreamlike living in such a water village is!

Address: No.24, East of Majiagang River, Bianmin Road, Nanxun Ancient Town, Huzhou
Telephone: +86 189 1800 6561
Average price: 273 RMB

Shangyu (Appreciating Jude) Attic Eaglewood Hotel – the western-style architecture in the Republican China

Key words: hot spring, Republican China, western-style

The hotel is reconstructed from Family Mei Western Architecture of the Republican China. The main building has two floors with an “L” shape but covers a large building area of almost 3000 sq. m.. Featured with a typical combination of Chinese and Western styles, it didn’t have big changes during the reconstructions. In the second floor, there is a big room provided for dining, which also seems like a little attraction from the outside, suitable for photographing.

Shangyu (Appreciating Jude) Attic Eaglewood Hotel

The hotel has two kinds of suites: Thermal Suite and Loft Suite. Each thermal suite, covering a 48-square-meter area in the first floor, has a hot spring pond in the rooms. The loft suites, located in the second floor, take an area of 50 square meters. It is broad and vast, giving you a relaxed mood.

Address: No.100, Southeast Street, Huzhou
Telephone: +86 572 3018 000
Average price: 1240 RMB