Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Look for Relics in Pingmen & Feel Artistic Atmosphere in Zitong

If you want to avoid the fate of being pushed around by crowded tourists in the Lake District, the two places recommended below are the best places to go!

Pingmen Town 屏门乡

Pingmen Town is an ancient magical land hidden deep in the east of Qiandao Lake. Here, the water is green as jade, and the green hills resemble screens; here, it has the idyllic scenery depicted in the famous poem by Tao Yuanming, “While picking asters 'neath the Eastern fence, my gaze upon the Southern mountain rests” and rare natural waterfalls; there are also the national intangible cultural heritage project, Muju Opera, and provincial intangible cultural heritage items, Fohouling Bench Dragon, Dingjiafan Lantern, Qikeng Green Lion and other folk cultures.

Jiu Pao Jie 九咆界

Jiu Pao Jie Scenic Area is located in Shangxi Village, Pingmen Town, on the periphery of Qiandao Lake, Chun'an County. It is named for the nine roaring waterfalls in various shapes. Undulating mountains, peaks contending for beauty, dense forest and lush green bamboo, plunging waterfalls and flowing streams, peculiar-shaped peaks and rocks can be seen everywhere. There are nine waterfalls with different heights and different sizes. The tourism landscape resources here are superior and the natural ecological environment is excellent.

Jinping Gorge 金屏峡谷

Walking in the Jinping Gorge, you can hear birds singing among greens and see the crystal-clear stream flowing along the way, which are cold and sweet; there are eighteen waterfalls with different shapes. In the gorge, the negative oxygen ion content can reach 225,000 units instantaneously, and a trip to Jinping Gorge is a natural way of cleansing the lungs.

Jinling Ancient Village 金陵古村

Qiandao Lake in the Clouds, Dreaming Back to Jinling! Let’s meet together at an altitude of one thousand meters to wait for the sunrise and appreciate the sea of clouds. Let’s listen to the elders in the village narrating the stories about the revolution and feel the spirits of Jinling in the Jingling Branch Exhibition Museum. When night falls, you can wait at the sightseeing platform for the evening glow. This season, it feels great to sit by a bonfire and have a happy singing gathering in the open air. If you are tired, you can lie down in the mushroom-shaped house to watch the stars.

The sunrise, the sea of clouds, the waterfalls, the ginkgo trees, the gorge, the memories of the revolution, the intangible cultural heritage exhibition … The great scenery and the ancient culture, once you have come, you won’t forget about.

Chinese walnuts, dried persimmons, Chinese torreya, Green Lion Mooncake, Jiangjun(General) Noodle, dried bamboo shoots, Luan Guo (Hot Pot) … The characteristic foods, once you have tasted, you won’t be able to resist.

Zitong Town 梓桐镇

Zitong Town is in the bay area of Qiandao Lake. Its unique mountain and water resources allow painters to give full play to the composition of paintings and the ability to process the color distribution structure. The natural and unique climate gives the bay area sunny mornings, mountains shrouded by mists and clouds and fishermen singing in fishing boats at dusk — a poetic artistic conception at your fingertips.

Calligraphy and Painting Town 书画小镇

Zitong is a paradise for literary and artistic enthusiasts. It is home to the Ant House Art Museum, Qiandao Lake Sculpture Garden, Zitong Art Base, Zitong Art Museum, Fuqian Street Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Zitong Painting and Calligraphy Academy...

Enjoy the colorful Chinese and foreign art in Zitong, swim in the ocean of art, listen to the stories of artists, and enjoy a visual feast.

Passion Racing 激情赛车

Qiandao Lake Motor Sports Park is located in Zixi Village, Zitong Town, Chun'an County, Hangzhou. It is built next to water. With crystal-clear water and green mountains, it is the most beautiful car test drive base. Visitors can experience the performance of different car models in depth through test driving, and at the same time, relying on the project site, it has introduced go-karting experience, car music festival, car cinema, child safety training camp, car camping, driver training, car racing, large-scale car show and other activities.