Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Hangzhou Welcomes You

The G20 Summit is fast approaching and as the host city to this international congregation, Hangzhou has been placed in the spotlight.  

To show the world the charms of one of the Seven Ancient Capitals of the world, on August 8, a 15-second-long Hangzhou and G20 advertising animation film was broadcast on the UK’s BBC. The advertising animation film was planned by Hangzhou Tourism Commission and produced by BBC Story Works.

The moment you open the 15-second-long video you will be instantly touched by the hospitality of the Hangzhou people which is also conveyed through the joyful background music, beautiful English songs and brightly-colored scenes. Many landmark sights such as the renowned West Lake, Broken Bridge, Longjing Green Tea Plantations, the honeycomb-shaped building of Alibaba and Qianjiang New City all make their appearances in the video where the antiquity of Hangzhou is intertwined with its modernity. The only message the video is sending is “Hangzhou Welcomes You.”

The advertising video, through BBC Word, will play in many European countries such as England, Germany, France, Italy, Spanish, Switzerland and Russia. Hangzhou Tourism Commission will also cooperate with the Daily Telegraph in England, Le Figaro in France, Handelsblatt in Germany, National Geography Traveler magazine and the GEO magazine in France to further promote Hangzhou as host city of the G20 Summit.

Hangzhou has invested heavily into making its city even friendlier to foreign guests and efforts have been made in all areas, from minor details such as English menus and multi-language tour guides to grand scale developments like the integration of travel sources and services and international promotion of the city.