Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Closed-off Areas During the G20 Summit

To provide a safe environment during the G20 summit and according to current regulations the municipal government of Hangzhou has announced that during the preparations and meetings of the G20 Summit parts of the city’s downtown area are subject to being closed off. Read on to learn more …

West Lake

1. From August 20, 2016 until September 6, 2016, parts of Hangzhou downtown area, including most of the West Lake Scenic Area, are subject to being closed-off.

From August 20 until August 31 people residing or working in the closed-off management areas can only enter the areas with their ID cards, whilst others can only enter the area with their ID cards as well as passing the security check point. Motor vehicles with G20 Summit passes and other relevant passes can enter the area after passing the security check point, whilst non-motor vehicles with allowed passes and those living or working inside the area can also enter, however, all others are forbidden to enter.

From Sep 1 until Sep 6 (12 midnight) the closed-off management areas are no longer open to the public. Nobody can enter except those living or working in the area (procedure of checking ID card and passing security check point are still required). For vehicles, only motor-vehicles with G20 Summit passes can enter (security check is required) and others are forbidden to enter.

2. During this period all delivery services inside the closed-off management areas are only allowed to be handled by the China Post Group – Hangzhou Branch and Zhejiang Post Express Delivery Co.,Ltd – Hangzhou Branch. From August 28 until Sep. 6 (12 midnight), all delivery services (newspaper and envelopes excluded) are paused.

During the closed-off period, it is forbidden to engage in, transport or sell any items that may cause a threat to the safety of the city and its people.

During the G20 departments like the police, city management and housing and property management are able to impose measures on companies or people inside the closed-off management areas which can affect their outdoor facilities, LED display screens, high-pitch loudspeakers, video security, parking lots and vacant houses. When it is necessary the police can adopt such measures themselves.

3. During the closed-off period measures are taken inside the closed-off area to provide convenience to residents and tourists.

a. From 08:00 until 17:30, August 20 to August 31, three transfer stations have been set up in Huanglong Tourist Center (黄龙旅游集散中心), Liuheta Tourist Center (六和塔集散中心) and Huyu Road Tourist Center (虎玉路集散中心), where after checking ID cards and passing security checks, tourists will be able to transfer buses in order to enter the closed-off areas of the West Lake Scenic Area.

b. From August 20 until September 6 temporary bus routes will be arranged in order to accommodate those wanting to visit the lake and travel in and around the closed off areas.

c. From August 20 until Sep. 6 an area of free parking will be available just outside of the closed-off areas of West Lake Scenic Area to encourage people working or living inside the closed-off areas to park their vehicles to avoid any unnecessary traffic.

d. From August 20 until Sep. 6 in various communities inside the closed-off areas of the West Lake Scenic Area, resident service centres and telephone numbers are provided in order to aid local residents with any enquiries.

4. Hoping that all citizens and tourists can understand and support the management’s measures and reasonably arrange their daily life and travel accordingly please always take along your ID cards, adhere to the current regulations and be co-operative with all security measures.

Violation of these regulations and those responsible of any unlawful acts will be punished according to the relevant regulations and laws.

5. According to current regulations the closed-off areas include the following
a. The parking lot south of Provincial Military on Wansongling Road → Wansongling West Road  → Nanping Mountain → Hupao Road → Santaishan Road → Yucen Mountain → Southern Peak → Longjing Branch Road → Mao Xiang Hui Qing Tourist Path → Zhaongongdi Branch Road → Lingyin Road → Shuguang Road → Baoshi Mountain → Baochu Pagoda → Fengqi Road → Dujingsheng Road → Longyou Road → Sui’an Road → Kaihua Road → Jiaochang Road → Wulin Road → Taipingli → Changsheng Road → Qiwang Road → Xueshi Road → Dongpo Road → Renhe Road → Yan’an Road → Jiangjun Road → Liuyin Road → Kaiyuan Road → Zhizicheng Alley → Xihu Avenue → Laodong Road → Hehuachitou Road → Xiaozifang → Qingbo Street → Tieye Road


b. Qiantang River → Feihong Road → Benjing Avenue → Yangfan Road → Boao Road → Lifeng Road → Yingfeng Road → Jinji Road → Liyi Road → West Wall of Jia Run Gong Guang → Chaoyun Road → Jinji Road.


c. Xinye Road → Zhijiang Road (City Balcony included) → Xiangzhang Road → Xintang Road


d. Gate of You Yi Xin Cun → North and South Pass of You Yi Xin Cun → West and East Wall of You Yi Xin Cun → North Wall of Ziyun Restaurant and Longgong Hotel → Hangda Road → Paomachang Road → Huanglong Road → Shuguang Road → Huanglong Cave Archway Tourist Path → Walll of Huanglong Cave Folk Park → Precious Stone Tourist Path → Wall of Provincial Archive → South of Zhejiang Province Music Hall → Shuguang Road


e. Inner green belt of Xixi Brook along Zijingang Road → Northern Bank of Yanshan River → water boundary of Xixi Brook and Xixi National Wetland Park; the entrance of Xixi Hotel (No. 803 Wen’er West Road) → flood bank west of Xixi Hotel → flood bank south of Xixi Hotel → flood bank of Dongwan → road of Dongwan → the entrance of construction site of Dongwan (No. 801 Wen’er West Road)