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Songcheng Group (Worldland) Says “No Layoffs, No Pay Cuts”

“No matter how long the epidemic lasts, we will not lay off any employees or reduce pay”. On February 9, on the occasion of the Chinese traditional Lantern Festival, the president of the Songcheng Group, Huang Qiaoling wrote “a letter” to all Songcheng employees and their families. In the letter, Huang Qiaoling expressed his holiday greetings to all employees and made a commitment of “no layoffs and no pay cuts”, which gives all employees the determination and confidence fighting the epidemic and tiding over the difficulties. Once the letter was revealed, it went viral on the Moment in Wechat in the circle of tourism industry.

In the letter, Huang Qiaoling mentioned that the development of Songcheng Group is inseparable from the efforts of all Songcheng employees and the supports of their families. This is the main reason for him to make a “no payoffs, no pay cuts” decision. In addition, Huang Qiaoling also wrote in the letter that “I have never spent a Lantern Festival like this, nor have I given myself such a long holiday… Let us calm down and take this special period as the rarest time spent with families in this life … When spring comes and flowers bloom, let us create the new glory of the Songcheng.”

On the evening of January 23, Hangzhou Songcheng Scenic Area issued a notice to temporarily close the park from January 24 to ensure the safety of tourists. On the same day, the company held a mobilization conference to build the Songcheng Performing Arts Kingdom. The meeting requested that the company actively respond from top to bottom, while scenic spots across the country should ensure the safety of tourists while strengthening employees' self-protection awareness and measures. At the same time, the Songcheng Scenic Area must be armed and mobilized, and all forces will be mobilized. After the epidemic, the colorful Songcheng Performing Arts Kingdom will be launched in the spring of 2020.

Songcheng Group is one of the top ten companies of the global theme park groups. It has been awarded the title of "Top 30 National Cultural Enterprises" for ten consecutive years, and has created five "firsts" in the world performing arts market: ranking first in the number of theaters, first in the number of seats, first in the number of annual performances, first in the number of annual audiences, and first in annual performance profit. With "performing arts" as its core competitiveness, it has successfully created the "Songcheng" and "Eternal Love" brands. The industry chain covers tourism and leisure, live entertainment, internet entertainment and is the world's largest online and offline performing arts company.