Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Zhejiang contributes to national box office boom

China's box offices raked in 7.822 billion yuan ($1.21 billion) over the Spring Festival holiday, which ran from Feb 11 to 17, according to statistics released by the China Film Administration on Feb 18.

This was the highest the box offices have ever earned during the Spring Festival holiday. This year's takings were 32.47 percent more than in 2019 (5.905 billion yuan).

China also set world records for box office revenues made in a single country over a day or a weekend. It is worth noting that China managed to achieve this feat even though cinemas were capped at 75 percent of usual capacity because of pandemic prevention and control measures.

A total of 160 million cinema tickets were sold nationwide during this year's holiday, up 21 percent from the 132 million in 2019.

Cinemas in East China's Zhejiang province sold a total of 12 million tickets worth 617 million yuan during the holiday, ranking third among all provincial-level regions.

Zhejiang-based film producers and investors were involved in six holiday films which contributed to the vast majority of box office revenue.

Source: http://www.ezhejiang.gov.cn/2021-02/20/c_593646.htm