Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

11 ancient towns to be rejuvenated

The Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission recently published a list of the first group of millennium-old towns to pilot a rejuvenation project in East China's Zhejiang province.

On the list were a total of 11 ancient towns across the province: Xindeng town in Hangzhou's Fuyang district, Meicheng town in Jiande, Cicheng town in Ningbo's Jiangbei district, Fenglin town in Yongjia county, Qianyuan town in Deqing county, Yanguan town in Haining, Chongfu town in Tongxiang, Fenghui town in Shaoxing's Shangyu district, Zhixiang town in Yongkang, Bihu town in Lishui's Liandu district, and Gushi town in Songyang county.

Source: http://www.ezhejiang.gov.cn/2021-02/26/c_597192.htm