The place reported by CCTV each year ushers in the most beautiful time of the year!

Now it is a lunar calendar in August, and it is also an annual festival to view tide. If you want to experience the spectacular tide of Qiantang River, don't miss the 25th Qianjiang River (Haining) Tide Festival held from September 22nd to October 1st.

After watching the Qiantang River tide, you can play like this on the holiday in Yanguan Town

Riding on the hundred miles Qiantang River and strolling through the most beautiful avenues

Yanguan Town has a hidden landwaiting for people to find and set foot, that is the ecological green belt of the hundred miles of Qiantang River. There are green trees and beautiful flowers even though summer has passed. At the entrance of the ecological green belt, you can rent a bicycle to ride along the colored roads, whether walk or ride. Ginkgo biloba, cherry blossom forest, sweet-scented osmanthus forest are arranged along the way, landscape fish pond. The bothy station has a retro style and is a good place for leisure. Maybe you will catch a cluster of well-known or unknown flowers here.

Stroll through themillennium ancient city and fall in love with a city

In addition to the world-famous Qianjiang Tide, Yanguan Town Haining city is also a thousand-year-old ancient city with a strong history. Apart from the traditional brick-and-stone slabs and powder walls, there is also the ‘Jangnan Forbidden City’ – the Sea GodTemple Palace, with Chinese studies Master Wang Guowei’s former residence, the Jin Yong College, which was built by Mr. Jin Yong himself, and the Confucius Temple, which is known as the ancient university... One brick and one tile, one wall and one stone, in the long street and curving lane, under the eaves and window you can track down its vicissitudes history and prosperity in modern time.

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Listen to heavenly music, bursting the Haining Tide Music Festival

In addition to watching the tide, of course, you can also enjoy music to have more fun during the vacation! From October 5th to 6th, the 9th Haining Tide Music Festival in 2018 will grandly launch. Popular singers Pu Shu and Wu Mochou will join hands with the members of Voice of China Palhati, Liwa, Xu Jianqiu and Zhang Zhuohanwei to start a Chinese sound night on the banks of Qiantang River. Music, bazaar, food, street shooting... I believeHaining Chao Music Festival will definitely make you smash the sky in this National Day.