Four forgettableand sightworthy ancient roads in early autumn of Jinyun County

Dayangshan Ancient Road

Entering the ancient road, the mountains on both sides are towering, and the green color is like a screen, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. The ancient poems recordsthat hills and streams are also romantic. It should be the scene here. There are huge rocks in the middle of the gorge. Most of the rocks have their own unique stories. The Buddha Rock, DiexiangRock, and Chicken Rock add a lot of fun to this ancient road!

Recommended route: Jiaokeng Village - Baogulingjiao Village - Lengshuikong - Shuizhuyuan Park- Niue Hill Head - Dayang Mountain Peak - Dasi Pavilion - Xidian Temple - Xu's Ancestral Hall - Diexiang Rock - Foxing Rock - Buddhist Nun- Xianrentou Rock - Qingtian County, about 35 kilometers.

Kuocang Ancient road

Kuocang Ancient Road was builtduring the period of Eastern Han Dynasty to Southern Dynasty. It starts from Taohua Hill, Jinyun County and stretched over 20 kilometersthrough 1900 years. It used to be the main road to the capital city in Oujiang River area in ancient times. Over the past 100 years,this quiet road has welcomed many historical celebrities who now have been passed away, many people’s stories have been left behind.

Hiking route: foot of Meihua Hill - Liangting Pavilion - Aintou - Gaoqing Village - Quentin Pavilion - foot of Yuling Hill, about 20 kilometers long

PutonglingHill Ancient Road

On the millenniumancient salt road, the mountains are hidden under the greenery, and there are many historical relics that have been passed down through the ages. The 3.8-kilometer ancient trail has thousands of years of history and culture, and has a beautiful natural scenery. The combination of humanity and nature is a unique and beautiful view.

Recommended route: Jinzhu Village, Yanling Township - Tangshi Village - Sanli Village - Yangliushu Village - Yanxia Village - Yanbei Village - Yakou mountain pass, with a total length of 3.8 km

Chaling Hill Ancient Road

Cangling Hill Ancient Road twists among the mountains and spans from Jingyun County to Xianju County, it has a long history. Along the way, there is dense forest and heavily bamboo shaded sky. The ancient road is known for its risk, withhuge mountains on both sides. The mountains are dangerous, and the mountain roads are rampant. It is a heart-touching feeling to miss the old times here.

Recommended route: Cangling Foot Village, Huzhen Town, Jinyun County - Sophora Japonic Tree - Lengshui Village- Huangni Hill - Nantian Village Hillback - Hailin Peak - Nantian Village - Longwang Temple - Canglingkeng Village, Hengxi Town, Xianju County, about 40 km .