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Hanyan Village is located in Longxi Township, Tiantai County, on the east bank of Shifeng River, is about 30 kilometers away from the county. It is a beyond the noisy world and located at the foot of Hanshi Mountain. The Han Dynasty hermit poet Hanshanzi lived in Hanyan Cave behind the village, which is therefore called Hanyan Village. The village consists of 6 administrative villages including Yanqian, Yangtan, Houchen, Xiawangzhuang, Xishan and Shangxing with an area is about 3 square kilometers.

Hanyan Sunset

Standing at the entrance of Hanyan Village, at the east direction is Hanyan Mountain, in whichthere is a HanyanCave and it is also called Hanyan Cave Heaven. It is 15 meters high, 48 meters wide and 78 meters deep. It is the place where Hanshanzi lived in seclusion. Hanyan Mountain was called Hanshi Mountainbefore it was renamed Hanyan since Hanshanzi was living here. Hanyan Cave in the mountain is flat in shape, like a gourd. There are cliffside carvings such as Hanyan Cave Heaven and Xiaoqingliang in Hanyan Cave. Come into the cave and sit quietly, you will have a feeling getting away from the red dust world.

Banquet Stone

At the mouth of Hanyan Cave, there are turtle stone and snake stone, which are all natural rock formations. On the other side of turtle stone and snake stone, there is also a huge rock called Banquet Stone, which is the stone that Hanshanzi would sit for the daily meditation and banquet.

Mingyan Canyon

Mingyan Rock and Hanyan Rock are both in Hanshi Mountain, belonging to the same scenic spot, and is opposite to HanyanRock. It is located near mountain and river, is a secluded canyon with two posts, a hidden mountain, 40 meters wide and 350 meters deep. On the northern cliff of Mingyan Rock, there are Chulai Cave, Zhaoyang Cave and Tiger Cave. There is a natural rock figure of a fox fighting with chicken on Meiyan Rockand a picture of ‘the Shadow of Bodhidharma Coming from West’ in in Chulai Cave, which is the site of county sage Qi Shaonan’s Baolun Poetry Clubin Qing Dynasty. Zhaoyang Cave has been expanded to Zhaoyang Temple, which is very quiet, clear and refreshed.