A rare water forestbecome a fairyland in autumn in Zhejiang Province

The wind in the early autumn has just started, and the shackles on the lake are in the hearts of the people. If the boat is in the shadows, if you are alive, if you have a dream, you will have to go to Lanxi Lake.

It has beautiful natural scenery, more than 3,000 acres of beautiful water surface, more than 4,000 acres of fresh and high quality tea gardens, pure natural wetlands, sturdy streams, fertile and beautiful ecological farmland, lush natural forests.

The master plan of the Lanhu Lake Tourism Resort is divided into three core themes and three supplementary themes. The three core themes are family hotel, health and wellness, and high-end leisure; tea culture, outdoor activities and car leisure are the three supplementary themes. It integrates functions such as health care, business communication, ecological cognition, vacation and leisure, scenic office, pastoral and wild entertainment, integrating sunlight, ecology, youth, experience, family, emotion, leisure and enlightenment.

The most striking thing is this huge viewing bridge. Designed based on the shape of orchid leaves, which is Lanxi County’s city flower, it is especially imaged from a high altitude. The Lanqiao Bridge is 180 meters long, with the widest point being about 7.5 meters and the narrowest part being about 4.2 meters. Lanqiao Bridge is also the only way to to once tourists entering the resort, so it also known as welcome bridgeto welcome tourist from all parts of the world.

The Chinese and West combined Lanqiao Bridge in the scenic area, the classical gentle Huaxi River, the simple and fashionable comprehensive service center, the fresh lawn and flower, the blue Lanhu Lake, the ecological tea garden, the romantic cherry blossom and the colorful cryprinus carpiod, all of them cleverly integrates water, heaven, forest, and Lanhu Lake into a beautiful picture.

The 11.6-kilometer Huanhu Avenue surrounds the waters, and the 6.8-kilometer trail surrounds the climax reservoir, with pure natural wetlands, sturdy streams, fertile and beautiful ecological farmland, and lush natural forests.

Address: Lanhu Tourism Resort, Shanghua Sub-district, Lanxi City