A nice place to visit at the connection of south Zhejiang Province and north Fujiang Province in the early autumn

Taking the sky as shore when seas reach the far-away, Being the top when mountains reach the highest. This is a portrayal of Cangnan county, a small town located at the connection of south Zhejiang Province and north Fujiang Province.

Xuliao Beach Scenic Area

Yuliao Beach Scenic Area is known as the gold coast in the south of Zhejiang Province. It is flat, soft, hard and delicate, just like a golden giant carpet stretching on the east coast and turns into a golden business card in Cangnan County. It is an ideal bathing beach and a beach sports field.

Yucang Mountain

Cangnan County is so named since it is located at the south of Yucang Mountain. Yucang Mountain is known as the ‘ancestor of the mountains’ in Cangnan County, with three wonderful views including sunrises, clouds and stones. It is a combination of strange, beautiful, quiet and wild views to forma beautiful landscape painting.

Stones can be seen everywhere and every stone is beautiful. There are 108 scenic spots such as Xianren Liaobu, Shipu Rock, Shihai Overlay, Wangtian Turtle, Yaodong Rock, Jinxiu Valley, etc. It is a strange stone world created by nature. Every stone is a delicate attraction and give people a rich imagination.

Puzhuangsuo City

Puzhuangsuo City is bounded by the Longshan Mountain in the north, facing the sea, with positive south and round north, and the flat shape looks like Round Sky and Square Earth. It was built by the imperial court of Ming Dynasty for the purpose of preventing Japanese pirates, with outstanding achievements and a long history. Puzhuangsuo City is well preserved, and the location and layout are scientific and reasonable. It is of great significance for studying the southeast coastal resistance and the construction of military towns in the Ming Dynasty.

Ole Bay International Ocean Paradise

Ole Bay International Ocean Paradise relies on sea, mountain, island and bay, is a paradise with European style and marine culture as the theme. With the concept of ‘marine amusement’’, ‘sea leisure’ and ‘marine experience’, it isdeveloped as the most uniquemarine leisure and tourism basein eastern Zhejiang. There are 14 different sub-districts such as Ocean Paradise, Dream Water Village, Asian Style Food Square, Ole Mountain Villa, O'Lang Tunnel, Ole Valley, Rainbow Slide, Wedding Photography Zone, which can meet family travel and couple vacation.