Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Qian Dao Le Trampoline, the First Choice of Winter Exercise
    With cold wind blowing, winter has arrived. In such cold weather, there are a lot of ways to keep warm besides wearing warm clothes, but the most fun one is definitely jumping and sweating on a...
  • Capture the Beauty of Jinfeng Town, Qiandao Lake
    It’s a common knowledge that autumn and winter are off-seasons for tourism, but it's not the case with Jinfeng Town, Qiandao Lake, which has attracted a large number of people to come and visit...
  • Only in Qiandao Lake Can You Get the Real Taste of Fish!
    In China, there aren’t many places like Qiandao Lake, which boasts of the special city layout — half of the place covered with crystal-clear water and the other half dominated by verdant mountains.