Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Zhejiang enjoys convenient transportation owing to its advantageous location at the southern section of the Yangtze River, bordering the East China Sea and many important provinces in China. Currently, there are seven civilian airports in Zhejiang, including two international ones, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and Ningbo Lishe International Airport. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport are only two to three hours’ drive away. Major railway routes and highways all pass through Zhejiang. In addition, the provision of public bike services has been used to complete the last-mile concerns of the public transportation system. 

  • Long-Distance Bus Stations in Zhoushan
    Transportation in Zhoushan is convenient and easily accessible and more than 70 lines of long distance car routes have been opened, with more than 120 towns in direct reach of those living or traveling in Zhoushan. The transport centers on Zhoushan Island include the New Putuo Long-Distance Passenger Transport Center, Dinghai Passenger Transport Center and Lincheng Bus Station.
  • Zhoushan Mount Putuo Airport
    Zhoushan Mount Putuo Airport is situated in the north of Zhujiajian Island, and is connected to the main island with a strait bridge. Six airlines run flights to large and medium-sized cities from the airport. Flights are available to Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Jinjiang, Xiamen, Wuyishan and Guangzhou, and there is also a facility for private charter planes flying to Hongkong and short airline within Mount Putuo area.
  • Public Buses in Zhoushan
    Transportation in Zhoushan is well connected and local transport modes such as buses, ferries and taxis are easily accessible. With the flourishing of tourism, it would be a great choice for visitors to take the bus to go around the city since the buses in Zhoushan are quite cheap and reliable.
  • Taxis in Zhoushan
    In Zhoushan, taxis can be seen almost everywhere in the city, and the fare is quite reasonable. By law, taxi drivers are required to charge customers according to a standardized system. The standard rate is CNY 8 for the first 2.5 kilometers and CNY 2 for every additional kilometer.