Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Zhejiang enjoys convenient transportation owing to its advantageous location at the southern section of the Yangtze River, bordering the East China Sea and many important provinces in China. Currently, there are seven civilian airports in Zhejiang, including two international ones, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and Ningbo Lishe International Airport. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport are only two to three hours’ drive away. Major railway routes and highways all pass through Zhejiang. In addition, the provision of public bike services has been used to complete the last-mile concerns of the public transportation system. 

  • Long-Distance Bus Stations in Jiaxing
    Jiaxing has a comprehensive and efficient road transport system with the Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway and 320 National Highway double-track highway traversing the city. There are two long-distance bus stations: Jiaxing Bus Station and Jiaxing North Bus Station. Bus No.20 runs between the two stations every day.
  • Railway Stations in Jiaxing
    With respect to its location on the Shangha- Hangzhou railway line, Jiaxing lies near the middle of it. There are several railway stations in Jiaxing including Jiaxing South Railway Station and Jiaxing Railway Station, all equipped with ticket offices. Jiaxing railway station offers plenty of train services to the cities such as Nanchang, Xiamen, Nanning, Huaihua, Fuzhou, etc.
  • Public Buses in Jiaxing
    Most of public transportation vehicles in Jiaxing are air-conditioned. Buses have a frequency of 5-10 minutes in the urban area of the city, costing CNY 2 for per person. As there are no conductors on the vehicles, it is better to take enough change for the fare in advance. Automatic IC cards are also available. Also, most buses routes in Jiaxing end at 18:00 pm every evening.
  • Taxis in Jiaxing
    In Jiaxing, taxis are a ubiquitous sight, and most of the vehicles in service are modes such as Santana or Alto. The taxi fare is charged in accordance with the distance as required by law and the starting price is CNY 8 within the first 2 kilometers and additional fuel surcharges are CNY 1 for the entire ride.