Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Zhejiang’s hidden “Heavenly City”

From Danxia landform in the southwest to the lakes and mountains in the south, nature's magic power is fully manifested here in Jiangshan, a stunningly beautiful city on 30 degrees north latitude.

Jianglang Mountain

Jianglang Mountain, one of the 9 most beautiful Danxia landforms in China, is indeed a great work of nature. Three stalagmite-like pillars are the symbol of the mountain. Seen from afar, the pillars are partially visible in the clouds floating in the wind. It is like stepping into a fairyland.

The narrow but deep One Line Sky, a passage between the huge rocks where the sky looks like a single line, and the vertical and steep steps are no less dangerous than Mount Huashan. When I visited Langfeng Peak, there were few footprints along the trail because it was treacherous. And I was happy as if I had found a new world that was known only to me. It was also a pleasure to walk in silence on such a quiet mountain road, accompanied by insects and cool mountain breeze.

Address: Yujiawu Natural Village, Jianglangshan Village, Shimen Town, Jiangshan, Quzhou

Nianbadu Ancient Town

The ancient town of Nianbadu is called the “dream lost in mountains” by scholars. The towering horse-head walls stand quietly, and the marks of time have been carefully carved on the antique buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties. There are shelters from rain and sun everywhere on the old streets of the town, so there is no need to wear a hat or bring an umbrella and shoes will not get wet. These old streets will make you miss your home. That’s a real and peaceful life.

Address: Nianbadu Town, Jiangshan City, Quzhou City

Dachen Ancient Village

A settlement of Wang family relocated from ancient Huizhou, the village retains its original elegant appearance of a century ago. The mosses seen everywhere and the white paint fading from the walls are the traces of the years that could not be concealed. Previously, a rural song introduced Dachen noodles into the national gifts of the G20 Hangzhou Summit. A bowl of Dachen noodles has nothing to do with romance, only the livelihood of life.

Address: Dachen Village, Dachen Town, Jiangshan, Quzhou

Xianxia Ancient Road

The 120 km long path winds through the lofty mountains and across both Zhejiang and Fujian. It was once an important overland passage of the Maritime Silk Road. Countless literati have walked here and left more than a thousand poems.

Recommended Hiking Route: Bao’an Town (Former Residence of Dai Li) – Xianxia Ridge – Nianbadu Ancient Town - Fengling Pass. In total, it is about 30 km.