Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Zhejiang Cuisine - A True Taste of China

It is widely known that Chinese people love eating and Zhejiang Cuisine ranks high in Chinese culinary styles. In fact each location in Zhejiang has its own local characteristics and flavour, among which Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing and Wenzhou all offer the most
distinctive styles and above all provide you with a true taste of China.

Hangzhou - Pian Er Chuan
Pian Er Chuan (noodles with preserved vegetables), with a history of more than 100 years, is a famous noodle in Hangzhou. A Bite of China, a famous Chinese documentary television series, recorded this local food which is made of preserved vegetables, sliced bamboo shoots and meat. Refreshing and delicious, Pian Er Chuan are worth every single bite. 


Hangzhou - Dongpo Pork
This dish is named after Su Dongpo, a renowned poet, artist and calligrapher in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and the governor of ancient Hangzhou who initiated the building of the Su Causeway which protected the local people from floods. It was a project involving thousands of workers and in appreciation of their great endeavors Su asked his family to entertain the workers with pork and wine but his family mistook his words and put the pork and Shaoxing Wine together and then distributed it to the workers. Unexpectedly the pork turned out extremely tasty and the Hangzhou people favored it so much they named the dish Dongpo Pork.


Hangzhou – Shelled Shrimp with Dragon Well Green Tea
Shelled Shrimp with Dragon Well Green Tea(Longjing Xiaren) is a famous dish of Hangzhou and consists of fresh shrimps and Longjing green tea. Renowned for its high quality and intensely fragrant body, Dragon Well Green Tea is a well-known Hangzhou beverage but is also favoured for its culinary delights. Pink shrimps and green tea are a perfect combination and give the dish an elegant look and ever so mouth-watering taste. 


Jiaxing -Jiaxing Zongzi
Zongzi, traditional Chinese snacks, are made out of rice and stuffed with various fillings and then wrapped with bamboo leaves. Jiaxing locals love Zongzi and they eat it all year round. Jiaxing Zongzi is rich in rice, pork, red bean and salted egg yolk and after being steamed the flavor and taste is awesome. The most well-known brand of Jiaxing Zongzi is Wu Fang Zhai which is famed for its pork-stuffed Zongzi and also considered as the signature snack of Jiaxing. 

Jiaxing Zongzi

Ningbo – Ningbo Tangtuan
Tangtuan, mostly eaten during the Lantern Festival, is a kind of traditional food with a history of over 700 years. Tangtuan is favored by many Chinese people and Ningbo Tangtuan is the most preferred. The unique Ningbo Tangtuan is made of glutinous rice and lard stuffing and according to Chinese beliefs its round shape indicates the uniting of the whole family and its sweet taste represents people’s wishes to living a happy life.

Ningbo Tangtuan

Shaoxing – Shaoxing Stinky Tofu
Stinky tofu is a kind of fermented tofu with an extremely strong odor and Shaoxing Stinky Tofu is not only famous for its pungent odor but also its delicious taste. Fried stinky tofu served with hot sauce and pickled cabbage is the most popular snack in Shaoxing and the secret of its success lies in its fermentation. Today, the aroma of Shaoxing stinky tofu continues to draw diners in droves.

Shaoxing Stinky Tofu

Jinhua - Jinhua Ham
Jinhua Ham, one of the best bacon produces in China, is a type of dry-cured ham named after the city of Jinhua where it is produced. The ham is used in Chinese cuisine to add flavor for example in Jiaxing zongzi and many traditional Chinese soups. Renowned for its golden skin, flame-colored meat, rich fragrance and delicious taste, the ham has won numerous prizes in national or international competitions. 

Jinhua Ham

Wenzhou – Deep-Fried Lamp Cake
Wenzhou food is famous for its exquisite and mild flavors and the deep-fried lamp cake is a famous snack of Wenzhou Cuisine. With a history of more than 90 years deep-fried lamp cake is a type of fried cake which looks like a local vegetable oil lamp in the olden days. The outer skin of the cake is crisp and its inside, with tasty turnip strips and meat fillings, is soft.  The cake is a household name and Da Wang Lamp Cake restaurant is a hit with the locals.

Wenzhou Deep-Fried Lamp Cake

Shengzhou - Shengzhou Xiaolong
Shengzhou is a small county located in northern Zhejiang and famous for its tasty Xiaolong (or "small steamed bun") which is stuffed with all kinds of fillings and steamed in hand-made small bamboo steamers. There are various types of filling which include pure pork (the most popular), crab meat, crab yolk and shrimp balls. The perfectly formed buns are small in size with a thin dough skin and are stuffed with lots of filling and hot soup giving them an irresistibly unique taste.

 Shengzhou Xiaolong

Huzhou - Nanhu Water Chestnuts
Water chestnuts, grown in Nanhu Lake, are known for their thin green shells, white and delicate flesh and sweet and succulent taste, they are also rich in starch, carbohydrate, protein, and various vitamins. The most distinctive feature of this water chestnut is that it does not have a spine which is different compared to normal water chestnuts. Nanhu water chestnuts are delicious both raw and cooked and as one of Zhejiang’s highly-sought after dishes they are not to be missed. 

Nanhu Water Chestnuts