Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Watch Water Birds Dancing in this Photography Base

In the southwest of Chun'an County, there is a vast wetland beside the bridge near Wubao Village. It is the Anyang Wetland and the photography base of Chenjia Natural Village, Wubao Village, Anyang Town. The base features superior natural scenery. Visitors can enjoy the spring scene of mist enveloping flowers all over the area and calm lake, and watch the sun setting and hear songs from fishing boats accompanied by evening glow in summer, just like what is depicted in Chinese poems.

A large number of birds inhabit here, common egrets, kingfishers, cormorants, eagles and so on. Looking ahead, you will see among the mountains and waters, birds are dancing gracefully, flying with evening glow, playing with rain and wind. The scene is extremely enchanting, attracting a large number of photography enthusiasts to come and collect materials for their creations.

The place is not just a paradise for photography enthusiasts, but also a great place to go sightseeing. Bring your friends and share a great time in Anyang Wetland!

Anyang Town Wubao Village, Chenjia Natural Village Photography Base

The base is located in Anyang Wetland with an area of over 1000 mu. It boasts of abundant natural landscape including fields, shoals and sequoia forest. It enjoys convenient transportation with a distance of 29 km from Qiandaohu Town and 3 km for the town government.