Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Those Unseen Beauties of Hangzhou

Now that the eight-day national holiday is over and people went back to their ordinary life and work, it is a great time to go out to avoid the flow of people and have fun. We will recommend to you some unseen beauties of Hangzhou. Some feature distinctive idyllic scenery, some offer thrilling experience, some are beautiful as a fairyland, and some are of profound historical and cultural connotations. There must be one that suits you.

Colorful Fun

Yong’an Mountain 永安山

With an elevation of 410 meters, Yong’an Mountain is the largest paragliding training base in Asia with the most complete facilities and the most distinctive scenery. Standing on the mountain, the sky seems to be within reach.

As the best paragliding base in China, if not in Asia, Yong’an Mountain has long been an internet-famous must-visit for camping. This year, a fashionable starry sky camping, a tent hotel, forest cabins, couple booths … have been set up in the lawn in front of the base. Together with some of your friends, come here to experience the romantic atmosphere of the tranquil starry sky.

Location: Yong’an Mountain, Chang’an Town, Fuyang District, Hangzhou 杭州市富阳区常安镇永安山

Tianmu Sports Town 天目运动小镇

The town is close to Tianmushan Canyon (天目大峡谷), Kingdom of Big Tree (大树王国), Dongpu Grand Canyon (东瀑大峡谷) and other scenic areas. It features a unique natural landscape, fresh air, and a forest covering rate of 88.4 percent, and is known as “natural oxygen bar”. The town is surrounded by undulating mountains and has beautiful pastoral scenery, winding rivers and scattered farmhouses near it.

The powered parachute is located between Eastern Tianmu Mountain and Western Tianmu Mountain, on the golden tourist route of Mt. Huangshan—Hangzhou. While you are soaring in the sky in a powered parachute, all you can see is the beautiful scenery of Tianmu Mountain, rolling mountains and overlapping greenery.

Location: Yidu Village, Tianmushan Town, Lin’an District, Hangzhou 杭州市临安区天目山镇一都村

Huma Adventure Park 沪马探险乐园

Huma Adventure Park fully meets the needs of special family travel. Here, both adults and children can experience the fun of nature, watching flowers blooming and clouds changing shapes. In addition, visitors can also experience the thrilling glass cantilevered platform, glass slide, cable car flyover, and rainbow slide.

Location: Qiushan Village, Jiangjia Town, Chun'an County, Hangzhou 杭州市淳安县姜家镇球山村

Shipin Village 石屏村

Shiping Village is a little different from those common Jiangnan Villages. The village, which is located in the east of Jian’de City and has a natural connection with stones, has a history of over one thousand years. There are many karst caves inside the village, and the Jiangnan Big Ice Scenic Area and the Karst Cave Restaurant inside the village have already become famous tourist attractions in China.

Not only that, but it also allows you to experience the thrills of a high-altitude swing, as well as experience projects such as a glass viewing platform and a large ice cave.

Location: Shiping Village, Hangtou Town, Jian'de City, Hangzhou 杭州市建德市航头镇石屏村

Picturesque Wonderland

Yaokou Village 窈口村

Yaokou Village is located in the southernmost part of Fuyang District, at the junction of Fuyang District, Pujiang County and Zhuji City. The village is characterized by steep mountains, deep gorges and valleys, winding streams and rivers. 

The village features a long history, profound cultural connotations, simple and honest folk custom and picturesque scenery. The forest coverage rate here reaches 88 percent. A stream called Huyuan Stream (壶源溪) encircles the village. The air quality has remained above excellent for a long time. The 3A-level scenic village attracts about one hundred thousand tourists annually to come here to tour.

Location: Yaokou Village, Fuyang District, Hangzhou 杭州市富阳区窈口村

Longmen Mysterious Land 龙门秘境

On a mountain, in the clouds, between the heavens and the earth, surrounded by mountains and water, mysterious and also fun … this is Longmen Mysterious Land. It is a pure ecological demonstration village scenic area including three villages, Shimen Village (石门村), Longshang Village (龙上村) and Dashan Village (大山村). It features beautiful mountains and water, and an abundance of natural landscape and historical and cultural relics.

Shimen Ancient Village boasts of well-preserved Ming- and Qing-style architecture; The Shizi Mountain (狮子山) in Longshang Village reaches to the sky; The glacier relics and Tianshi Shoal (天石滩) in Dashan Village are spectacular and the village is also home to well-preserved Pseudolarix Protection Base and Qiandmu Ancient Terraced Field. 

Location: Gaohong Town, Lin’an District, Hangzhou 杭州市临安区高虹镇

Historical Charm

Loujiata Village 楼家塔村

Loujiata Village boasts of ancient history and was originated in the fourth year of Qianning of the Tang Dynasty (897 AD). Now it has a history of 1123 years and was named as one of the seventeen provincial folk culture villages.

As the largest community of people with the surname of Lou, Loujiata Village focuses on the display of ancient culture by combining the village’s natural and humanistic resources to form a well-proportioned, elegant and ancient tourist route of distinct features.

Location: Loujiata Village, Louta Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou 杭州市萧山区楼塔镇楼家塔村

Qinchuan Ancient Village 芹川古村

Qinchuan is an ancient village with a history of 800 years. A clear stream runs through the village. There are groups of groupers, ducks playing in the water, and chickens pecking at the land. Walking in the village is like traveling back to ancient times. Time stops here. In addition to the coolness of the body, you can also obtain the peace of your mind.

Address: Langchuan Town, Chun'an County, Hangzhou 杭州市淳安县浪川乡