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The Land of Fantasy: A Show That Must Be Watched Twice

Initially founded in 1984, Cirque Du Soleil is now an entertainment company & performance group. It is the largest theater production company which has attracted the world's attention for its luxurious and striking animal-free stage performances and its unique way of interpreting traditional circus performances. In just 31 years, it has won the highest honors in the international performing arts, including Emmy Awards and Bambi. Up to now, it has performed for 190 million people in more than 450 cities in nearly 60 countries.

The Land of Fantasy– the Creator of Legendary Story

The Land of Fantasy tells the story of the hero and the heroine, who are from two different worlds, the Western and the Eastern, defeating the evil and restoring the world after a thrilling process.

The wise elder "Watchman" opens the box and tells the story: The Snake Demon brought the chaos to the world and divided the world into two kingdoms: the Eastern, Aria and the Western, Petra. The baby hero and the baby heroine were respectively adopted by the monarch of the two kingdoms and gradually grew up. Under the persecution of the dark forces, they shouldered the mission of restoring the world and embarked on their journey. They have encountered dangerous conditions, and also experienced fantastic and beautiful life. Finally, at the peak of the holy mountain, they completed the integration of the dragon and phoenix seals which were in their possession and the two countries merged, peace finally returned to this magical land.

★ Two groups of spectators are seated in 360-degree rotating seats across the stage.

★ One show, two dreams;

★ The Eastern and the Western, where two great cultures meet;

★ Breathtaking and fantastic every scene, and striking every minute.

A Performance That Must Be Watched Twice in a Lifetime

Why do people say that Cirque Du Soleil's The Land of Fantasy is a show that must be watched twice in a lifetime? The reason is that the show has two separate spectator stands, Aria Area and Petra Area, which are positioned across the stage. 20 percent of the show is different when watched from different spectator stands. So if you want a total understanding of the show, you'll need to watch the show form the two spectator stands.

About the Theater

The Suntiandy cooperated with Cirque Du Soleil to create a special theater for the circus performance "The Land of Fantasy", transforming the industrial heritage into the world's top unique performance venue.

The theater can accommodate nearly 1500 spectators, and the seats are divided into east and west areas, which can rotate 360 degrees, allowing the audience to enjoy two different viewing experiences from two perspectives of the Eastern and the Western.

360-degree round-view seats, exclusive personal stereo … let you have a wonderful show watching experience.

200-meter-wide giant screen stage, multi-dimensional space … perfectly present the thrilling scenes.

The exclusively customized theater, five-year hardworking … make miracles possible.



Venue: Hangzhou Suntiandy Theater

Address: 90 Dongwen Street, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou 杭州下城区东文路90号

Duration: 72 minutes

Age Limitation: Children under the age of three are not recommended to watch the show.