Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

The Most Beautiful Scenery in June

Perhaps, you have been amazed by the magnificence of Nianshan Rice Terraces. Or you have yearned for the ethnic style of Longji Rice Terraces. Or you have been in love with the majestic rice terraces in Yuanyang...

Do you know there are the most beautiful rice terraces in China hidden in the deep mountains in south Zhejiang?

Unlike the stunning high-altitude terraces in Yunnan and Guizhou, the terraces here have the elegance of Jiangnan, like a beautiful-looking lady with delicate curves.

They are Yunhe Rice Terraces, known as the largest group of rice terraces in East China.

In June, among the mountains, mountain spring fills countless fields. And the newly sprouted grass on the ridge of the fields awakens in the moist breeze.

It is the most beautiful time of the year when the terraces are filled with water. It is time to go now.

Different from water towns in the northeast of Zhejiang, Yunhe County is probably the most fairy-tale one in China, with the Disney World-like highway entrance and the streets and alleys full of blocks, flowers and fairy-tale decorations. It is filled with fairy tales and magic.

Outside of the fairy tale world, the creator also has the most generous gift to Yunhe. The vast green hills are like an endless scroll. The 800-mile-long Ou River creates the "Ten-Mile Cloud River" scenery. And many simple ancient villages are to awaken your long-lost nostalgia...

It is worthwhile to drive 4 hours from Hangzhou. This June, let’s go to Yunhe to have a good stroll.