Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

To Have an Autumn Outing at the Gentlest Time of Zuokou

With the heatwave of the summer days gradually dispersing, the colorful autumn has already arrived in Zuokou. With this guide, Zuokou invites you to seek for the fun of the wild and enjoy the tranquil time among mountains and water freely to enjoy the different autumn color on the banks of Qiandao Lake.


Jinzi Exploration

Jinzi Peak is the second-highest peak in Chun'an County. It is named after the grand scene of “The peak is golden and purple in the morning sunlight”. It is 1450.8 meters above sea level with undulating peaks, dangerous cliffs, and breathtaking scenery and is known as the “Little Huangshan Mountain in Western Zhejiang”. It is the most beautiful in autumn when the maple leaves in the valley are as red as flame. When you look around, you will see the mountains and forests covered in red.

Location: Fangqiao Village, Zuokou Town, Chun’an County 淳安县左口乡芳桥村

Strolling Among Chinese Date Forest

After an autumn rain, the Chinese dates in Yaochun Village has changed into their red clothes. Looked from afar, the Chinese date forest resembles a green ocean, and only when walking into it, you will then find the glittering red Chinese dates hanging in the trees, red as agates. These dates are like shy girls with a blushing face welcoming guests coming from afar.

Location: Yaocun Village, Zuokou Town, Chun’an County 淳安县左口乡瑶村村


Strolling in Fengping 

“Fengping Yun She” is reputed to the top of Ten Views of Qiandao Lake. The houses on the mountainside are like love poems between the sky and the earth. The saturated colors of autumn are dotted with plumes of smoke and old cows grazing peacefully. Fengping Village looks so tranquil and peaceful. In the valley surrounded by mountains, clouds and mists linger, resembling a fairyland. Strolling in it, you can really feel its special charm. If it happens to be the time for the villagers to dry grain and vegetables in the sun (Shai Qiu), you will see golden corn, pumpkins, flame-red peppers, and white radishes be neatly spread across the courtyards, which are dotted among the mountains and plains, and form a colorful autumn painting.

Location: Qiaoxi Village, Zuokou Town, Chun’an County 淳安县左口乡桥西村

Shiban Stream Trekking

Shiban (flagstone) Stream originates from Jinzi Peak and stretches through the entire Fangqiao Village. It is 4.5 kilometers in length. 80 percent of the riverbed is covered with exposed flagstones and it is reputed to be “No. 1 flagstone stream in East China”. Coming here, you will find the world seems to have quieted down, and fallen leaves are floating on the water as if it is the flow of autumn color. It’s recommended to wear comfortable sports shoes and if you want to get into the water, remember to bring your stream trekking shoes.

Location: Fangqiao Village, Zuokou Town, Chun’an County 淳安县左口乡芳桥村


Playing with Water in Longchen 

In the warm autumn sun, the azure sky contrasts with the undulating mountains. The Zuokou Lake Bay on autumn days, with the sun shining on the lake, is intoxicatingly blue. Longchen Shuibo Park (龙晨水博乐园) embraces a stretch of emerald-green water. Here, you can enjoy surfing, mountain bike racing and lakeside BBQ to fully set yourself free.

Location: Longyuanzhuang Village, Zuokou Town, Chun’an County 淳安县左口乡龙源庄村

Greenway Cycling

You can rent a mountain bike and cycle in the fields of Zuokou Village and along lakeside greenways and countryside roads. Close by, you will see farmhouses are arranged proportionally. What a great pastoral scenery! In the distance, you will see boats floating in the sparkling water. The blue color of the lake and the sky converge here.

 Location: the Zuokou Section of 330 National Highway 330国道左口段