Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

The Aroma of Food at the End of the Year

At the end of the year, every corner of Zhejiang is filled with the aroma of food. Walking into any street, you will see a lot of cured meat and sausages hung around the houses! People often joke that those who have the most cured meat and sausages are wealthy families.

Hangzhou Sauced Duck

During Chinese New Year, people in Hangzhou cannot go without sauced goods. The Legacy of Hangzhou Customs reads that the best marinated duck is made by Hangzhou Shao Hotel. As early as January, people will hang sauced ducks in their balcony. To many locals, it is the purest taste of Chinese New Year.

Wenzhou Soy Sauce Meat

People in Wenzhou, who have been very picky about their food, are very fond of soy sauce meat. It is said that they should eat soy sauce meat until Feb. 2 in lunar calendar. On that day, some soy sauce meat is added to the leaf mustard rice to make it more delicious and this marks the end of Chinese New Year.

Shaoxing Anchang Sausage

Shaoxing’s best sausage is in Anchang Ancient Town. It is said that the history of producing sausage here can be traced back to Jiajing reign of Ming Dynasty. Seasoned with local wine, handmade soy sauce and sugar, the freshly made sausage, with an easily smelt aroma and a firm texture, is super savory.

Jiaxing Sauced Goose

On the Chinese New Year purchase list of Jiaxing people, there is nothing more classic than the sauced goose. “Wei De Feng”, for which Jiaxing people queue in a long line every day, makes very good sauced geese. It has a firm and bouncy texture. And the meat takes in the seasonings thoroughly, and features a perfect blend of salty, fresh and sweet flavors and is not greasy at all.

Jinhua Ham

Like yellow wine, the taste of ham has a lot to do with when it is made, and the best Jinhua Ham is around 3 years old and handled with great care. When that fresh and salty taste melts in your mouth, it is indescribably enjoyable...

Taizhou Dried Yellow Croaker

Taizhou people always take pleasure in eating fresh food. But dried yellow croakers have an unshakable position in their heart. The seafood from the East China Sea is salted and dried thoroughly in sunshine. After a period of time, the fishy smell gradually dissipates. With a soft texture and a yummy taste, dried yellow croakers can be cooked very easily before serving.

Zhoushan Dried Eel

The dried eel is a winter specialty for people in Zhoushan and is also a very good dish to couple with rice. White eels showing a little bit pink color are laid on bamboo strips and dried in sunshine. Steamed over a rice pot and eaten together with vinegar, it is much more delicious than chicken.

Huzhou Marinated Chicken with Feather

In Huzhou, Marinated Chicken with Feather is a must-eat for Chinese New Year. It has been around for hundreds of years. Today, some farmers in Nanxun, Huzhou, still keep the tradition of making such marinated chicken. The chicken after fermentation draws its special flavor from the straw. Because the producing process is very tedious, the making method is almost lost.

Shaoxing Baita Lake Dried Fish

The saying goes: "There should be fish every year." Baita Lake Dried Fish is a must-eat for people in Zhuji, Shaoxing for Chinese New Year. It is made of high-quality herrings, which are marinated and dried as per traditional techniques. It has a special aroma of sauce and is very tasty. And the pleasant salty taste spreads in your mouth when you take a bite.