Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

The 16th Xixi Persimmon Festival Will Kick off This Saturday

The 2020 West Lake and Xixi Wetland Combination Series Event, that is, the 16th Xixi Flame-Red Persimmon Festival is coming!

As Hangzhou’s West Lake and Xixi National Wetland Park entering the new era of integrated management and protection, the combination of West Lake and Xixi is formed. In addition to the Xixi Flame-Red Persimmon Festival, more and more colorful activities will be launched later for citizens and tourists to participate in and experience.


On September 19 (this Saturday), the 2020 West Lake and Xixi Wetland Combination Series Event and opening ceremony of the 16th Xixi Flame-Red Persimmon Festival will raise the curtain.

In conjunction with West Lake, in addition to the main venue — the Xixi Wetland lawn, there are also multiple side venues such as Hangzhou Flower Nursery, the Broken Bridge, and Hongyuan Garden of Xixi. If you happen to be there, you can participate in the opening ceremony, where artists will write inscriptions on site, the West Lake and Xixi joint cultural and creative products will be launched, and there are also live stream stars hosting “online sales”, and “West Lake and Xixi” Fine Objects Exhibition …… An array of exciting activities not to be missed!


Stories of “West Lake and Xixi”to Pass On their Charms


Eternal Love “Stories of West Lake and Xixi” Exhibition


Explore the exhibition, take a look at the new style of West Lake and Xixi today, and explore the inextricably linked stories of the two.


“West Lake and Xixi” Fine Objects Night Market

West Lake- and Xixi-related cultural and innovative products, good domestic products and concerts are all available at Xixi Night Market.

“West Lake and Xixi” Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition


Small flower basket weaving, Longjing tea roasting, engraving and printing...the West Lake and Xixi intangible cultural heritage gathers here, bringing an extraordinary “Chinese fashion” experience.


Pray for the Whole City

Write good wishes on the “persimmons” together, and wish you all good luck in the future.


Extraordinary Holiday, Enjoying Life


Flame-Red Persimmon Carnival


Bubble show, persimmon delivery, persimmon treasure parade and persimmon stacking Guinness are both delicious and fun for the whole family.


Flame-Red Persimmon Concert


Folk music, Kunqu Opera, Yueju Opera... Masters of Chinese music and Chinese opera gather here to give you a feast of Chinese music.


West Lake and Xixi Comics Cultural and Creative Exhibition


West Lake and Xixi have a deep cultural connection. What kind of surprises will be created when the comics of the Ten Views of West Lake and Ten Views of Xixi are integrated into cultural and creative products? Why not visit Xixi’s Sanshen Hall (三深大堂) during the National Day to find out?


Chinese Music Festival, Folk Festival

Water Margin Storytelling Performance


Do you know the connection between Xixi and the Water Margin? The Water Margin Storytelling Performance will take you to taste the “love” of Xixi and the “brotherhood” of the Water Margin.


Folk Songs and Yueju Opera


The Yueju Opera in Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Cave is well-known, while listening to folk songs and Yueju Opera in Xixi presents a different flavor.


The [Gu Lang Feng (古琅风)] orchestra will perform ancient folk songs on the spot, and you can also enjoy Yueju Opera performances and feel the charm of Xixi, which is the premiere venue of  “Yueju Opera of Northern School”.


Xixi Characteristic Folklore

The Wuchang local 18 martial arts inheritor and Xixi characteristic water village wedding invite you to experience the most authentic Xixi folk customs!


Xixi Autumn Garden Life Festival


Cosmos, Sulfur Chrysanthemum, morning glory, Cleome … there are all sorts of flowers. You can make flower handicrafts, do some shopping in the creative market and experience garden picking.


Recommended Activities

Picking Experience


Let’s go picking persimmons with a fruit grower! Whether it is for family bonding or enterprise team building, it is satisfying. The price for two adults and one child is only 100 Chinese yuan!

Sculling Boat Package


You can, while sitting on the sculling boat, taste the persimmon fruit plate and feel the Xixi charm of “fog and misty covering the creeks”.


Own a Persimmon Tree in Xixi


You will definitely feel great to tell people that you have a big persimmon tree in Xixi! The subscription of persimmon trees in Xixi has begun~


Price (including tickets, picking tools, persimmon baskets, etc.)

10-person boutique group: 888 yuan/tree

20-person VIP group: 1688 yuan/tree


The 10-person group can take away 25 kilograms of persimmons.

The 20-person group can take away 50 kilograms of persimmons.

This year's Xixi Flame-Red Persimmon Festival will continue until October 25. So come to Xixi this autumn to start a sweet journey!