Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Here Comes the Summer Promotion Season of Culture and Tourism

Recently, the "Picturesque Zhejiang" culture and tourism summer promotion campaign was officially held in Huzhou. 8 summer-themed tourism products “Travel Around the World, Discover Summer Fun here in Zhejiang” were launched simultaneously together with the “Children's Summer Festival here in Zhejiang"! 8 themed ways of travel and more than 20 special parent-child summer tour packages will bring you a brand new travel experience in summer days!

Playing with Water on Islands

When it is hot, we just want to stay near water. There is no need going to those popular and crowded islands as Zhejiang has some gorgeous least-visited islands.

Daishan Island, Zhoushan - the city of sunglow on the east coast of Zhejiang
Speaking of Daishan, there are many legends about it, as far as the "Penglai Immortal Island" thousands of years ago, and as recent as the "Daishan" mentioned in the popular TV drama "Ode to Joy". This island, like a fairyland, has many small fishing villages on it and is an unforgettable perfect destination for seafood!

Jiacheng Island, Ningbo - a private island not yet fully developed
After reading the story of "Robinson Crusoe", the desire to adventure on a desert island must have been deeply rooted in your heart since childhood. Then it's time to go to Jiacheng Island. Everything here will satisfy your adventure-seeking heart. Have a picnic by a bonfire, enjoy wine, and experience “escape game" from a desert island~

Holiday in the Mountains
Oxygen Paradise in Zhejiang

Live in the mountains and forests, be accompanied by clouds and birdsong, shake off all worries of life and stay in a natural village with smoke curling slowly upwards from the kitchen chimneys. What else can be more like a paradise?

Yandang Mountain, Wenzhou - an ink wash painting by nature
Yandang Mountain is one of the top 8 mountains in China. Everyone who has been there is fascinated by its magnificent scenery. There are countless charming spots on Yandang Mountain. Walking around this beautiful natural wonderland with dense lush green trees, you will sweat lightly and it evaporates quickly in a breeze, leaving only coolness on your skin. What a pleasant experience it is in this mountain forest!

Baishanzhu Mountain, Lishui – once on the cover of "Chinese National Geography"
With splendid landscapes and gorgeous natural scenery, Lishui has 3,573 mountains over 1000m high and its forest cover rate reaches 81.7%. Baishanzhu in Qingyuan is the second highest peak in Zhejiang Province. The local special geographic environment has created this extraordinary natural landscape. Fully immerse yourself in this beautiful land full of negative oxygen ions.

Cultural Travel
Jiangnan, a favorite of literati

Traveling in Zhejiang is always like traveling in a scroll of ink wash painting. Hold a cup of tea in the hand and sit back quietly in a Song-style courtyard, with the singing of Yue Opera lingering in the ears, sometimes loud and sometimes soft. It is such a pleasant moment!

Yellow Wine Town, Shaoxing - a museum without walls
Shaoxing, the birthplace of Yue culture of Jiangnan, has long been known as a “museum without walls”. In the Yellow Wine Town, Shaoxing, the wine making skills of ancient craftsmen have been preserved well. If you would like to taste the Shaoxing old wine described in the fictions of Lu Xun*, you should not miss it.

*Lu Xun, the pen name of Zhou Shuren (25 September 1881 – 19 October 1936), was a leading writer of modern Chinese literature.

Tiantai Mountain Taizhou – a mountain recording the history of Tang poetry
It is the Tiantai Mountain depicted in the poem “As Tiantai Mountain is thousands of meters high” of Li Taibai*; it is the Tiantai Mountain in the travel note “Diary to visit Tiantai Mountain” of Xu Xiake*; it is also the hometown of Ji Gong*…If the Road of Tang Poetry in the eastern Zhejiang Province can be compared to a marvelous folding screen, Tiantai Mountain, without a doubt, is its most charming part.

*Li Taibai (701–762), also known as Li Bai, was China's greatest poet in Tang dynasty.

*Xu Xiake (January 5, 1587 – March 8, 1641) was a Chinese travel writer and geographer of the Ming dynasty.

*Ji Gong (22 December 1130 – 16 May 1209) was an ancient Chan Buddhist monk who purportedly possessed supernatural powers.