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Stay at Lingshang B&B and Embrace Nature

Sinuous paths leading to secluded scenery, 

Qiandao Lake in its front, a mountain at its back, 

a mountain, a bamboo forest, a spring and a lake …

These are the authentic depiction of Lingshan B&B’s ecological environment. 

Located on the banks of Qiandao Lake, the B&B is a secluded fishing village with unique charm. It is not a grand hotel, but it is filled with the warmth and comfort of home. 

The B&B is run by a young couple born in the 1990s. Guided by young people's pursuit of a beautiful life, they worked hard to build this place into a Pure Land where visitors can rest and relax. Their hard work and unusual but wonderful thinking can be spotted almost in every part of the B&B.

You can have a rest here, look through the window at the green bamboo forest to refresh yourself, or you can sing and dance here. An abundance of supporting facilities here are suitable for all kinds of parent-child activities and family gatherings. The casual living atmosphere can give every guest a sense of comfort at home. 

The owners take pride in the primitive lake sightseeing courtyard, where visitors can lie down on the riverbank, enjoy the cool on the rocking chair, have fun in the outdoor swimming pool, or watch kids play on the slide, swing, and trampoline. 

If you want to see something different, step out of the B&B and scenic areas like the Stone Forest and Fairy Valley Rafting are waiting for you to explore.

Qiandao Lake Stone Forest

The 20-square-kilometer Qiandao Lake Stone Forest Scenic Area is one of China's four major stone forests. It is located in Qiandao Lake, Chun'an County, in the west of Hangzhou. It is unique in East China for its wide area, large scale and strange landscape, and is called "the Top One Stone Forest in East China". The scenic area’s main landscape includes "peculiar-shaped stones, cliffs, ancient paths and caves", with unique shaped stone peaks, pictographic strange stones all over the place, which forms hundreds of lifelike unique landscapes. Thus, it is called "natural animal museum". 

The Scenic Area Information:

Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00

Admission Fee: ¥100 per person

Fairy Valley Rafting

It is 2.9 kilometers long with a drop of 125 meters. The main water source comes from a rare spring gushing from a karst cave. The rafting takes about 50 minutes. Because the river is sinuous and the height difference is big, along the rafting route are a lot of rapids and dangerous shoals, therefore, the rafting is more than thrilling and exciting. It is fully equipped with hot water for bathing, changing room, and a restaurant that can accommodate 150 people and can serve food sourced from rivers and mountains, which are unique to the Stone Forest.

B&B Info

Lingshang B&B Qiandao Lake

Address: No. 46 Jiaziling, Jiaziling Village, Lishang Town, Chun'an 淳安里商乡架子岭村架子岭46号

Price: from 268 CNY to 408 CNY

Reservation Hotline: +86 15058017293