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Sail into Autumn

The world is big and I want to rove around it with you; in late summer and early autumn, let's go to a fun place to sail into autumn.

Qiandao Lake

The place is called Qiandao Lake. It is far away from the bustling urban life; it is characterized by verdant mountains surrounding a stretch of emerald-green water; it is home to the most beautiful attraction in China rated by CNN; it is heralded as the back garden of the Yangtze River Delta. The lake area of Qiandao Lake is 567.40 square kilometers. With 1078 verdant islands of different sizes, it was selected as the lake with the most islands in the world by the World Records Association and hence the name of Qiandao Lake, which means the lake with a thousand island in Chinese. Speaking of fun things to do in Qiandao Lake, there are a lot ... just name a few, rafting, playing with water, fruit picking, hiking, fishing, eating fat fish head, cycling around the lake, camping by the lake, hot-air balloon, karting, kayaking, visiting ancient towns and villages...

A must-have on your to-do list in Qiandao Lake is to ride a yacht. You can enjoy the view of over 1000 islands in close range during the journey and ride the waves sailing into autumn.

Water as Companion

From now on, at the yacht terminal of the Hilton Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Resort, you can ride a yacht with your beloved ones to appreciate the extraordinary views of Qiandao Lake's water and surrounding mountains while enjoying the cool breeze of early autumn.

→ If sufficient time, you can depart from the terminal at 9:30 am to tour around the Southeastern Lake Area of Qiandao Lake and explore the landmark sight of Qiandao Lake, Huangshan Peak to know the true meaning of natural oxygen bar and to have a panoramic view of 1078 islands scattered around the lake. The trip takes about two and a half hours. 

→ On the banks of the lake, you will see undulating mountains. The calm water surface ripples and the breeze gently blows, and one's tiredness disappears instantly.

Here, you will feel the artistic conception of people be part of the scenery, the scenery capturing the heart of people and people feeling close with nature. Nature exists in the harmony between all creatures in the world and that is the definition of beauty. Surrounding undulating mountains mirror in the blue brocade-like lake. Water and the sky merge into one and no one can tell whether the mountains are in the lake or the lake is on the mountains.

Yacht PICK

Recreational Sightseeing Yacht

22 Seats: Line A Huangshan Peak, Tianchi Island; Line B Mishan Island, Osmanthus Island; Admission fees are not included.

56 Seats: Line A Huangshan Peak, Tianchi Island; Line B Mishan Island, Osmanthus Island; Admission fees are not included.

There is a broad terrace on the upper floor and a large living room (salon) on the yacht, which is equipped with high-end sofas, tables, wine cabinets and coffee bars. It is suitable for high-end business meetings, company gatherings and small parties.

Bayliner Yacht (Nine Seats)

Smooth hull design gives you a smooth and comfortable journey.

There is a variable ceiling on the upper floor and an open-air sightseeing platform. To enjoy sunbathing on the foredeck guarantees you an absolutely unique lake cruise experience.

Ferretti Yacht 620 (11 Seats)

It is the only Italian luxury yacht in Qiandao Lake, which has an outstanding and fashionable appearance. There is spacious space for people to socialize on the main deck and the Flybridge, and there are two large guest bedrooms and one master bedroom with the same width of the yacht body and with wide-open windows on the lower deck. The experience of cruising around Qiandao Lake on this kind of yacht is truly unforgettable.

Hilton Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Resort

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