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Top Recommended Routes to Watch Spring Flowers

After sitting in the office for a whole week, why not take advantage of the beautiful springtime to go out and have the soothing spring breeze caressing your face? It is great fun to go out to watch flowers in spring. I have collected a few great routes. Let’s check them out and embark on a joyful journey full of flowers!

hangcheng District 上城区

Lakeside Pedestrian Street 湖滨步行街

As the temperature climbs, the cherry blossoms in Hangzhou gradually come into full bloom. Taking a walk along the lakeside, you will be stunned to see the entire Dongpo Road is covered in a sea of cherry blossoms, an extremely beautiful sight to behold.

The light pink flowers there are noble and elegant. You may enter from the intersection of the pedestrian street and Youdian Road and meet the 48 Yoshino cherry trees. 

Walk slowly along Dongpo Road northwards and feel the romantic ambience filled with fragrances; stop to take a rest and have the thrill of watching petals fall on your shoulders.

Come to the lakeside on weekends to enjoy the springtime!

Address: Lakeside Pedestrian Street 湖滨步行街

Route Recommended: Dongpo Road 东坡路

What to See: Cherry blossoms

Bagua Field Park 八卦田公园

As expected, the golden rapeseed flowers in Bagua Field have bloomed recently. The dazzling golden flowers are swaying elegantly in the wind and sending out intoxicating fragrances. 

In addition to the rapeseed flowers, there are also special activities such as farming experiences, a flower festival and a food festival, etc. Following the wildflowers in bloom everywhere, you can climb halfway up Yuhuang Mountain to Zilai Cave, and overlook the rapeseed flowers and find yourself in this poetic mood embraced by flourishing flowers.

After descending from the mountain, you may choose several attractions nearby. Do not miss the great springtime. Have a journey to revel in the beauty of spring!

Address: No. 41, Huyu Road 虎玉路41号

Route Recommended: Bagua Field 八卦田 – Yuhuang Mountain 玉皇山 – Jiangyangfan Park 江洋畈公园 – Hangzhou Cuisine Museum 杭帮菜博物馆 –Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Kiln Museum 南宋官窑博物馆

What to See: Rapeseed flowers

Xihu District 西湖区

Yunqi Park 云栖公园

On the hill the fiery azaleas shine with effulgence,

Flourishing yet thin and garish yet plain in appearance.

A floret, thereof on the jade hairpin of the fair,

Seemingly sets aflame her verdant cloud-hair.

- Du Mu (Translated by Huang Long)

The azaleas in Yunqi Park, next to Lingshan Fengqing Town, came into full blossom a few days ago, like covering a flame-red carpet over the mountains by Tongjian Lake.

As one of the top ten flowers in China, azaleas have a wide range of species, gorgeous colors, and beautiful flowers and leaves. Spring azaleas usually fall in early May, and the flowering time is about 20 days.

On the big lawn at the foot of the mountain, visitors can fly kites and set up tents. It is also a good place for the public to relax and walk in spring. Let’s go to Tongjian Lake for a spring walk and Yunqi Park for watching flowers on weekends!

Address: Intersection of Kehai Road and Fushan Road, Xihu District 西湖区科海路与浮山路交汇处

Route Recommended: After entering Tongjian Lake Park, walk from the internal road to Lingshan Line. Walk from west to east and reach Lingzhou Line. Yunqi Park is located on the east side of Lingzhou Line.

What to See: Azaleas

Binjiang District 滨江区

Cherry Blossom Avenue 樱花大道

In the riverside park from Qiantang River Bridge to Wentao Road, there are more than 3,000 cherry trees, mainly Yoshino cherry, which are now in full bloom.

Gathering mostly in the area from the 1st bridge of Qiantang River to about 300m east of the 4th bridge, the flowers have turned the most beautiful runway into a cherry blossom runway. Many people passing by will stop to take photos!

On one side is the beautiful forest of cherry blossoms and on the other side is the magnificent view of Qiantang River. It is a great pleasure to go for a jog or walk there! Please note the blue path is for running and walking.

Address: 1st Bridge on Wentao Road to 4th Bridge 闻涛路一桥到四桥段

Route Recommended: Binjiang Pufa Theme Park 滨江普法主题公园 - Ruin of Jiangnan’s First Pier 江南第一码头遗址 – Haichuang Base 海创基地

What to See: Cherry blossoms, begonias and views of Qiantang River

Xiaoshan District 萧山区

Xianghu Lake National Tourist Resort 湘湖国家旅游度假区

At Xianghu Lake, the hydrangeas, cherry blossoms and begonias are competing with each other.

The bright and colorful flowers, together with their fragrances, glorify the springtime.

The pure and dreamy white and pink colors seem to take away all worries.

Address: Xianghu Lake National Tourist Resort 湘湖国家旅游度假区

Route Recommended: Wohong Bridge 卧虹桥– Chengshan Square 城山广场, Meishan Road 眉山路– Financial Town 金融小镇

What to See: Hydrangeas, cherry blossoms and begonias

Source: Hangzhou Release 杭州发布