Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Rafting to Relieve Summer Heat

As the temperature is rising, summer is now upon us. Most of us just want to jump into the cool water to beat the summer heat. Speaking of the must-have entertainment in summer, water-related activities is one of them. During the Labor Day holiday, water sports, especially rafting has been well-received with tourists. Today, we will talk about rafting and provide you with the detailed information of famous rafting places in Qiandao Lake, including the starting time, the fare …

Jinfeng Canyon Rafting

Jinfeng Canyon Rafting(金峰峡谷漂流) is one of the most characteristic mountain canyon rafting in Qiandao Lake, which integrates time tunnel crossing and high-altitude rapids rafting. From the starting point of rafting, through the over 700-meter-long time tunnel, you will experience the romance, pleasure and thrill of rafting: plunging waterfalls, turbulent rapids, riptide rafting, rapid rafting passage with a drop of more than 30 meters, the ups and downs along the tree-lined waterways.

Address: the intersection of Qianwei Road and Zhu’an Road, Jinfeng Village, Chun’an County 淳安县金峰乡千威线与朱安线交叉口
Telephone: +86 571 64908888
Hours: 10:00-15:30
Ticket: 180 CNY per person for on-site purchase and 148 CNY per person for booking online two hours in advance

Baiyun Stream Rafting

Along the Baiyun Stream (白云溪), there are all sorts of peculiar-shaped stones. One-hour-or-so rafting can free you from the worldly worries and troubles, enabling you to fully indulge yourself in the thrilling, exciting, happy and joyful experience. Relatively speaking, Baiyun Stream has more smooth parts, but it’s not lack of thrilling parts as well. It’s suitable for family trips.

Address: Songwang Road, Songcun Village, Chun'an County 淳安县宋村乡宋王线
Telephone: +86 571 64890588
Hours: 10:00 in the morning and from 13:30 to 15:30
Ticket: 180 CNY per person

Jiulong Stream Rafting

The Jiulongxi River Rafting(九龙溪漂流) is located at the foot of the famous peak Jinzijian which is favored by mountaineers in Zhejiang Province. It is 3.88 kilometers in length and takes about two hours to finish. Water flows down from a high mountain to form the zigzag rafting passage. Sometimes the stream is rapid, sometimes is calm and gentle, sometimes curved and sometimes wide and straight. Along the way, you will see layers of terraced fields and undulating hills. In all four seasons, abundant crops will outline beautiful scenery and inspire infinite dreams.

Address: Xianhou Village, Zuokou Town, Chun’an County 淳安县左口乡显后村
Telephone: +86 571 64906999
Hours: 10:30-15:30
Ticket: 180 CNY per person for on-site purchase and 148 CNY per person for booking online in advance

Prince Valley Rafting

The Prince Valley Rafting (王子谷漂流) is 4.5 kilometers long with a drop of over 100 meters. During the whole process of rafting, you will either enjoy your adventure through thrilling rapids, dangerous shoals and varied turns or indulge yourself in the scenic views of towering peaks, dangerous cliffs, dense forests and straight bamboos. Every moment in the rafting is terrific. The splendid riverway is a gift of nature and you will be deeply attracted to it and marvel at the greatness of "No. 1 Rafting of Western Zhejiang."

Address: get off at Danzhu Exit of Hangqian Highway, walk along 06 Provincial Road in the direction of Qingtian Village, Fuwen Village 杭千高速淡竹出口下高速,走06省道,往富文乡青田村方向
Telephone: +86 571 65022233
Hours: 10:00, 13:30, 15:30
Ticket: 198 CNY per person for on-site purchase and 158 CNY per person for booking in advance

Longtan Canyon Rafting

As long as 3.6 km with a drop of 166 meters, it is currently the fastest and most exciting natural mountain spring rafting in Zhejiang with the biggest drop. It has four characteristic rafting including violent rafting, brave rafting, Benz rafting and round rafting. Here, you can have a one-stop experience of various kinds of exciting and joyful rafting. The main three features of the Long Tan Canyon Rafting(龙潭峡谷漂流) are thrilling, dangerous and wondrous.

Address: Longtou Village, Wangfu Village, Chun’an County 淳安县王阜乡龙头村
Telephone: +86 13968102818
Time: about six months