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Nongfu Spring Production Base in Qiandao Lake Open to Travelers

The water of Qiandao Lake is crystal clear, with a visibility of 9-11 meters, which is national first-class. It meets the quality standards for drinking water, without any treatment, and the Nongfu Spring which tastes a little bit sweet is produced here.


Walk into Nongfu Spring and feel the beauty of industry


Nongfu Spring is one of the top ten enterprises in China's beverage industry. Founded in 1996, it is a deep processing enterprise of agricultural products and juice beverage, integrating scientific research, development, production and marketing. It has a registered capital of 147 million yuan and is headquartered in Hangzhou. Nongfu Spring never uses urban tap water and insists on building factories and filling water at the source of water. At present, it has ten high-quality water sources across the country and is currently the largest natural drinking water company in China.


Since 1996, the company has found 10 major water sources, namely Qiandao Lake National First-level Water Resource Protection Area in Zhejiang, Jingyu Mineral Water Protection Area in Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province, Danjiangkou in Hubei Province which is the source of the Middle Route Project of South-to-North Water Transfer, the Wanlu Lake National Forest Park in Guangdong Province, Tianshan Glacier Area in Manas of Xinjiang, Emei Mountain in Sichuan which is a national high-quality mineral water source, Taibai Mountain National Nature Reserve in Shaanxi, Wuling Mountain in Guizhou, Mohe in Heilongjiang and Wuling Mountain.


The Chun’an Factory of Nongfu Spring was built at the end of 1999 with an investment of 550 million yuan. It covers an area of 110,000 square meters and green space accounts for more than 40% of the entire factory area. It is a veritable clean and beautiful factory with 4 natural water production lines and 1 hot-fill beverage production line.



No. 199, Kaifa Road, Qiandaohu Town, Chun'an County, Hangzhou (opposite to Nanshan School)

Duration of visit

Half an hour


Lobby-group photo-company and product introduction-watch the promotional video-visit the corridor on the second floor to understand the production process-five water test (PH test) in the lobby-free drink-take photos freely -get in the car and leave


Notice of Re-opening Nongfu Spring Production Base Industrial Travel

No.1 Opening date

From Sep. 16, 2020 and onwards

No.2 Opening hours

Morning 8:00-11:30
Afternoon 13:00-16:30
Open as usual during weekends and public holidays except for some special circumstances such as overhaul and shutdown

No.3 Open to tourists from Zhejiang

Province and Shanghai only

No.4 Requirements for epidemic prevention and control

Show the green code when buying tickets into the factory.
Wear a face mask when visiting the factory.
No entry without a face mask.

No.5 Make an appointment

FIT tickets are available at the gate.
Group travelers need to make an appointment one day in advance.