Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Top Five Night Tour Itineraries in Gongshu District

Where will you go if strolling around Gongshu District at night?

Food lovers may choose to have dinner at Ledi Port, and then walk along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal to Qiaoxi Straight Street to browse the many intangible cultural heritage stores. After shopping, you can go to Shengli River Food Street to eat crayfish and a glass of beer.

Night running enthusiasts may run some 5 kilometers along the luminous track of Qinglong River (庆隆河), Yuhangtang River (余杭塘河), Fengtan River (丰潭河), etc., and sweat happily.


Recently, Gongshu District has become a night economic cultivation city in Zhejiang Province, and Shengli River Food Street and the ancient canal night cruise have become one of the 50 night landmarks for the key construction of Zhejiang’s night economic pilot (cultivation) cities.


So many attractions and have no idea where to start? Don't worry. The “Amazing Gongshu at Night” must-visit place map has recently been released and 5 new routes for touring Gongshu District at night, which combines food, entertainment and shopping, was unveiled.


Route One


Qingsha Hidden Spring—Orioles Singing in Flower Nursery —Yuanyang Ledi Port (one-way space, bar street)—Dadou Road Historic District (Langlang Art World, Cheery Canal Hotel)—Xiangji Temple Square—Fuyi Granary Ruins—Shengli River Food Street (Koi Center)


1. Qingsha Hidden Spring 青莎隐泉


2. Orioles Singing in Flower Nursery 花圃啼莺

3. Yuanyang Ledi Port 远洋乐堤港


4. Dadou Road Historic District 大兜路历史街区


5. Xiangji Temple Square 香积寺广场


6. Fuyi Granary Ruins 富义仓遗址


7. Shengli River Food Street 胜利河美食街

Route Two


Canal Square—Gongchen Bridge—Qiaoxi Historical and Cultural District (Handicraft Demonstration Museum, Lao Kai Xing Teahouse, Zhong Xin Ji Tea and Coffin Donation Site, Universe Therapy Center, Wuli People's Art Museum, Xiaofeng Bookstore)—Gongchen Academy—Tianyang D32 Shopping District

1. Canal Square 运河广场


2. Gongchen Bridge 拱宸桥

3. Qiaoxi Historical and Cultural District 桥西历史文化街区


4. Gongchen Academy 拱宸书院

5. Tianyang D32 Shopping District 天阳D32购物街区

Route Three


Chimney Square—Canal Culture and Art Center—Canal Study—Mahua FunAge Theater—Joy City (Wind Tunnel, Handicraft Street)

1. Chimney Square 烟囱广场

2. Canal Culture and Art Center 运河文化艺术中心

3. Canal Study 运河书房

4. Mahua FunAge Theater 开心麻花剧场

5. Joy City 大悦城


Route Four


Jiangzhang Bridge—Hou Sheng Jia (Waiting for the Arrival of the Emperor)—Beixinguan Site—Xiqiu Platform—Xiaohe Straight Street Historical and Cultural District (Xiaohe Residences, Linhe Well, Leifeng Corner, Hui'an Bridge, freight terminal)


1. Jiangzhang Bridge 江涨桥

2. Hou Sheng Jia 侯圣驾

3. Beixin'guan Site 北新关遗址

4. Xiqiu Platform 洗秋台


5. Xiaohe Straight Street Historical and Cultural District 小河直街历史文化街区


Route Five


Night Running Route (Ecological Corridor in Tanghe Area)

The runway has a total length of 5 kilometers and is in a ring shape. The starting and ending points are at the intersection of Yuhangtang Road (余杭塘路) and Qinglong River (庆隆河). The route connects six rivers, Ruanjiaqiao Port (阮家桥港), Baby Port (婴儿港), Qinglong River (庆隆河), Yuhangtang River (余杭塘河), Shiqiao Port (石桥港), and Fengtan River (丰潭河), and residential districts and urban complexes.


As the first luminous runway in Hangzhou, the runway is equipped with LED banners, LED walls, luminous swings, night fishing platforms... there are dozens of checkpoints along the road.

The season of “Golden September and Silver October” is here. Hangzhou is about to enter the most “intoxicating” period. Let’s take advantage of the bright night and the cool night breeze, and go out of your house and tour Gongshu at night!