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The Latest Information on Night Cruises in Hangzhou

"The boat is cruising on the river and the passengers are like journeying through a painting." Have you ever taken a night cruise on the Grand Canal, Qiantang River, Qiandao Lake or Xin'an River? These routes with distinctive features will take you to experience a dream journey.

"Millennium Culture" - Grand Canal Night Tour

Dream Grand Canal Night Tour

Time: Daily at 19:00, 19:30, 20:20

Ticketing Office: Wulinmen Wharf (Tel: 0571-85021237)

Ticket Price: 

RMB100 yuan per person for adults

RMB50 yuan per person for children between 1.2m-1.5m tall

Free of charge for children less than 1.2m tall (without a seat)

Route: Starting from Wulinmen Wharf, take a boat ride to enjoy the splendid night view on both sides of the canal, and then go to Gongchen Bridge and return to Wulinmen Wharf. Experience the millennium culture of the canal in the evening. 

Prospect of Wealth & Luck”Grand Canal•Qiantang River Night Tour

Time: Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 18:00

Ticketing Office: Wulinmen Wharf (Tel: 0571-85021237)

Ticket Price: 

RMB258 yuan per person for adults (with a meal)

RMB138 yuan per person for children between 1.2m-1.5m tall (with a meal)

Free of charge for children less than 1.2m tall (without a meal)

Route: Take a cruise trip along the millennium-old canal and the prosperous Qiantang River all the way to the Sanbao ship lock to experience the rising height and river confluence. Pass the city balcony, watch the light show, the Olympic Sports Center, and return to the Qianjiang Third Bridge.

"Prosperous Qiantang"- Qiantang River Night Tour

When the lights are on, enjoy the giant light show and experience an unforgettable trip on the prosperous Qiantang River, amid the intoxicating night scenes on both sides of the river.

Time: Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and public holidays

Where to Buy Tickets: You can buy tickets for "Qiantang River Night Cruise" at Meituan and Ctrip, or through the WeChat account: "钱塘江水上游" (Qiantang River Tour).

Route: Binjiang Wharf-Qianjiang Dragon-Hangzhou Yin-Xixing Bridge-Olympic Sports Center-Qianjiang Century City-Qianjiang New Town Light Show-Hangguang TV Station- Fuxing Bridge- Qianwang Shechao Sculpture- Binjiang Pier (about 70 minutes)

Ticket Price:

From RMB 138 yuan per person for adults

Half price for children between 1.2m-1.5m tall

Free of charge for children less than 1.2m tall (without a seat)

Following the well-received cruise ship "Qianyin", Qiantang River ushered in a new partner-"Menghang". The "Menghang" cruise ship was put into operation before the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, bringing a brand new "Qiantang River Tour" quality experience to Hangzhou.

The "Qianyin" cruise ship is a three-layer luxury catamaran cruise ship featuring Jiangnan style. The ship is 49.96 meters long, 16 meters wide, and has a capacity of 498 passengers. The design incorporates the cultural elements of Qiantang in Hangzhou. The cruise ship is made of wood. The ship uses large floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which are transparent and offer very broad views. The ship looks antique and has local characteristics. Throughout the entire design, the hull represents the ancient city of Hangzhou. It is not only a ship, but also a symbol of cultural heritage.

"Menghang" is an all-steel three-layer luxury catamaran cruise ship with a total length of 54.2 meters, a width of 15.2 meters, and a passenger capacity of 556 people. It is a new type of three-layer catamaran with an all-round 2-in-1 rudder and propeller, powered by electricity, which is energy-saving and environment-friendly.  The ship mainly adopts modern style decoration, with the theme of the movement of clouds and the flow of water, and the concept of silk and tidal freehand brushwork. It strives to integrate Hangzhou's dynamic and fashionable modern temperament with beautiful and elegant traditional culture perfectly. "Menghang" has become the largest cruise ship of the Qiantang River Tour project.

"Mysterious Qiandao"- Qiandao Lake Night Tour

At night, board the Thousand Travel Star night cruise, travel through the moon-filled lake and come to the heart of Qiandao Lake. Looking around, you will be impressed by the shining and colorful neon lights on the lakeshore, together with thousands of lights from local residences and distant mountains, which highlight the skyline of the town at night.

Scattered with islands, the lake is glowing mysteriously and colorfully, like bright pearls floating in the center of the lake, reflecting the nearby water waves like golden scales. This beautiful evening view is so breathtaking that it will make you feel regretful if you do not visit it at night, even though you have visited Qiandao Lake for thousands of times. 

Route: Night Cruise Terminal→Water Area of Moonlight Island and Longshan Island→Water Area of Qiandao Lake Bridge→Night Cruise Terminal

Private Customization: From October 8 to December 31 (except during the close period), the Thousand Travel Star Private Customization will be launched. The main route is Night Cruise Terminal-Qiandao Lake Bridge-Water Area of Warm Island-Water Area of Hongye Bay-Meifeng Island-Night Cruise Pier.

"Dream 17℃"- Xin'an River Night Tour

The constant temperature of the river water is 17°C. Therefore 17°C is the unique feature of Jiande Xin'an River. With the curtain of night on, the scenery of Xin'an River is still beautiful.

In 2019, Xin'an River launched the Dream No. 17 luxury catering boat. Visitors can enjoy delicious food while watching the unique fountain light show of the dream Xin'an River up close, and feel the natural coolness of the 17℃ Xin'an River. It is dreamy and full of fun.

Time: 18:00 every day

Boarding Point: Tourist Wharf, Shuangjiang Feature Street, Xin'an River, Jiande City

Price: RMB290 yuan per person (Mobile: 15267055717; appointment required at least 1 day in advance)