Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

List of Must-visit Exhibitions in September!

Scott Listfield and His Astronaut - Restart Plan • Chapter Zero Hangzhou


Time: July 12th-October 8th, 2020

Address: Restart Plan, No. 381, Wen’er Road, Hangzhou

Ticket Price: RMB28 yuan per person

It displays the works of Los Angeles based artist Scott Listfield, who is the only artist in the world dedicated to painting astronauts for 20 years. In his works, the isolated astronaut has never stopped his exploration of the earth. His astronaut will take us to different “scenes for introspection”, and they are full of imagination about future life.


This exhibition creates six different spatial chapters: Origin, Chaos, Wild, Alienation, Daily Life, and Escape. The fantastic arrangement and brilliant lighting effects echo with the wonderful paintings, creating a sense of technology and future and allowing you to wander between reality and fantasy.


Whenever the Stars Change  


Time: August 8th-October 15th, 2020;Working day: 10:00-20:00;Weekends and public holidays: 10:00-21:30

Address: N+PARK, 2nd Floor, Notting Hill Art Center, Hangzhou

Ticket Prices:Adult: RMB 128 yuan per person;Student/child: RMB 98 yuan per person


The creator of this unknown journey is the Chinese new media art team GeeksArt. This team brings together international talents in various fields such as artists and programmers, and creates an immersive wonderland of science fiction for visitors through the combination of new media technology and art.


It is a magical dreamland covering an area of 1200m², sorted into 10 exhibition areas for original works, where visitors can experience deep boundless romance and feel the ultimate beauty. Here visitors can witness the combination of art and technology. This is probably one of the most expected exhibitions of the year!


The Amazing Night of Light and Shadow • ShineForest


Time: August 25th-October 10th, 2020;Monday to Sunday: 16:00-23:00

Address: L4 Hanging Garden, Xixi Impression City

Ticket Price: RMB 58 yuan per person


Created by domestic and foreign artists jointly, ShineForest has made its debut in Xixi Impression City Hangzhou with more than 10 outstanding lighting artworks and will be exhibited in the country continuously. Feel the light and shadow and the collision of planets and iron in the cozy and mysterious atmosphere of the late-night park.


ShineForest highly emphasizes environmental education, the destruction caused by global epidemic diseases, the crisis of glaciers disappearing, and the relationship between humans, animals and nature.


When night falls, bright lights gradually appear, and the lighting world of ShineForest seems to be awakened. With various animals and trees as prototypes, lighting squirrels, rhinos, giraffes...have been created, and they look very realistic and super dreamy with lights on.


In this cozy and mysterious atmosphere, discover new ways to play with light and shadow. These shiny little animals are definitely a favorite of children!


National Geographic • Exploring Blue


Time: Aug. 18-Oct. 7, 2020

Address: L2, Hangzhou MixC City

Ticket Prices:Adult: RMB 69/89 yuan per person;Child: RMB 49 yuan per person;For 2 adults: RMB119/159 yuan per person


In response to the theme of environmental protection this time, the exhibition creates the city of Hangzhou submerged by ocean in 2050, in the form of a dialogue with "Mother of the Sea", to feel the charm of the ocean and start a journey to save it.


The first stop is to enter a submarine and watch the magnificent underwater world through the VR telescope, where turtles and jellyfish play and sharks swim in groups. Boom, a beverage bottle suddenly destroys this peaceful scene. The floating garbage produced by humans has made the ocean hard to breathe.


It is an immersive exhibition to experience and interact with the ocean. Its 360-degree ocean wind holographic projection and 10 reproduced ocean scenes showcase the charm and contradictions of the underwater world.