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Lotus Flowers in Full Bloom in Jinhua’s “Little Lijiang River”

In early summer, everything is bestowed with a new life and grows. On such days, you have to go to the wild to feel it. The ten li (1 li is equal to 500 meters) of lotus flowers are in full bloom and are brilliant, beautiful, and moving. The emerald-green water in Wuyi County is vast and the best. 

Shili Lotus (十里荷花)

Liucheng She Minority Town (柳城畲族镇) is located at the upper reach of Xuanping Stream (宣平溪) of Oujiang River basin (瓯江流域) in mountain areas in the south of Wuyi County in Jinhua City. It is the largest among the 18 minority towns of Zhejiang and one of the main settlements of She Minority. It is reputed as the “No. 1 Lotus Flower Town of Jiangnan”.

The scenic area of Shili (ten li) Lotus, located in Zhucun Village of Liucheng She Minority Town, adjacent to water and backed by mountains, is a national 3A scenic area and the “China’s Beautiful Countryside” granted by the Ministry of Agriculture. Inside the scenic area grow over 3.3 sq km Xuan Lotus (宣莲). Here, from a distance, you can enjoy the view of a large area of colorful lotus flowers forming colorful waves in the wind and up close, you can see over a hundred kinds of famous lotus flowers contending for beauty. There are also delicate attractions like Laifeng Pagoda, She Minority Characteristic Performance Park, Lotus Viewing Corridor, area of twin lotuses on one stalk, area of water lily, etc.

Xuan Lotus is a specialty of Liucheng Town and is among the Three Noted Lotus (Xiang Lotus, Jian Lotus, and Xuan Lotus) in China. It was originally planted in Xianqing Years of the Tang Dynasty (656-660) and is known for its big size, round shape, plump flesh, tasty flavor, abundant nutrition, and high medicinal value. In 1802, the sixth year of Jiaqing’s Reign of the Qing Dynasty, Xuan Lotus was listed as one of the imperial tributes and in 1993 it won the Gold Medal in the Hong Kong International Food Exposition.

Every summer, the vast area of lotus in Liucheng She Minority Town bloom vibrantly. Look around and what you see is a stretch of greenery mingled with pink lotus flowers, layer upon layer, all refreshing and charming. The vast stretch of lotus flowers is backed by mountains and adjacent to waters. The scenery is so charming that people all praise it as “the little Lijiang River” and a Xanadu.

The crowded lotus leaves resemble emerald-green round plates and round jade pieces positioned on blue water and with the wind blowing, they create green waves. Among the lush green lotus leaves stand elegantly lotus flowers, which are like fairies covered with faint gaze bathing in the lake with a smile and shyness. Morning dew on tender lotus stamens seem to fall and from time to time, there are wafts of refreshing fragrance. 

The flowering period of the lotus flowers in Shili Lotus is usually a month earlier than that of ordinary varieties and the peak period is after mid-June. After cultivation and improvement, the flowering period of lotus flowers in Liucheng Town can last until December. They are of various colors, red, beige, pink, white, green, purple, red and white, and red and green; and they feature different flower types, including single-petal flowers and multi-petal flowers, allowing you to enjoy the real beauty of lotus flowers.

This summer, let’s meet up in Shili Lotus!

Shili Lotus 

Address: Zhucun Village, Liucheng She Minority Town, Wuyi County, Jinhua City金华市武义县柳城畲族镇祝村

Ticket: 35 CNY

Consultation Telephone: +86 13758999319

Nearby scenic areas: Niutoushan National Forest Park (牛头山国家森林公园) and Xiaohuangshan She Village Scenic Area (小黄山畲乡风景区)