Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

“Little Jiuzhaigou Valley” in East China

With an average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, it is the coolest town in Zhejiang. Even in summer, the average temperature is more than 5-6 ℃ lower than the surrounding counties. Because of its geological location in the center of Zhejiang, most of the people are used to calling it “the heart of Zhejiang”.


Photo by Ye Wu Shen Chen 夜雾深沉


t is a “Forest City” in reality and in name, with 18 thousand trees per capita and a vegetation coverage rate of nearly 80 percent. Lu You, a famous poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, has written the long-lasting verse of "With mountain chains and rivers ahead, I thought there was no way through. Why, shady willow trees and brilliant flowers keep one more village out of sight" here.


Photo by Lin Jia Neng 林佳能

Need not go far to Hebei, here you can enjoy "fiery trees and silver flowers". It is hard to imagine that in the highly developed areas of modern civilization, such a primitive cultural form from the mountains and the wilderness can still be fully preserved.

It has a high-altitude glass bridge that is not inferior to that in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in any aspect. The 5D cracking effect of the bridge when stepping on makes people terrified; the village on the top of the mountain stands firmly on the edge of the cliff like “the City in the Sky” built in the air; the part of Chengdu-Lhasa Highway in the Central Zhejiang is extremely narrow and dangerous, luring many experienced drivers to try.


Photo by Ruo Anzhi 若安之

Known as the "treasure land hidden in the folds of mountains", it breeds more than 1200 kinds of precious "fairy grass medicine". When they meet with various food materials, they become one after another human delicacy, which is the gift of nature, the wisdom of the people, and the lingering nostalgia

The place is called Pan’an County (磐安县), Jinhua City (金华市). In May, flame-red azaleas redden the hilltops and there is no better place to match with summer than here.