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These Hangzhou Guesthouses, Do you Like Them?

The world is so big and full of wonders. Everything is cherished by people who appreciate them. So there are people who put their love and heart into guesthouses and share them with guests from all over the world.

My Yard • Woyun Inn 吾家院子·卧云客栈

My Yard • Woyun Inn is a retro guesthouse with the theme of Yueju Opera. The moment you step into it, it'll send you back in time: a Guqin, a cup of tea, and a piece of opera … the place is full of elements of Yueju Opera.

In order to integrate classical culture into the guesthouse, the owner of the guesthouse has carefully arranged an environment with great ancient charm, so that you can experience all the beauty of the guesthouse.

Pure-colored wallpapers, primitive carved wardrobes, hand-embroidered beddings, and opera-shaped figurines...every little detail in the guesthouse will unknowingly lead you into a world of Yueju Opera.

Address: No. 131, Baile Bridge, Lingyin Branch Road 灵隐支路白乐桥131号

Falan·Mengwang 法兰·萌望

To the west of the West Lake, along Hupao Road, there are many kinds of guesthouses, but it seems that no guesthouse is like Falan·Mengwang, which, in just one glance, catches people’s attention.

The overall style of the guesthouse is French country romantic. Cement tables made from discarded tiles, hangers made of dead wood … everything here follows an environmentally friendly and ingenious new generation of life philosophy.

The rooms in the B&B are spacious and bright. Waking up from the bed early in the morning and being greeted with the green mountains outside... it is the taste of happiness!

It is not just a guesthouse, it is also the most beautiful scenery in Siyanjin Area. Surrounded by red walls and white tiles, blooming flowers and greenery, holding a cup of coffee in your hand, sitting and watching the distant mountains, you can dance with time gently in the quiet courtyard.

Address: No. 206-208 Siyanjing 四眼井206-208号

31 Virtual Valley 31间虚谷

In the era of the industrial boom, Hangzhou factories had sprung up. With the passage of time, many factories have gradually disappeared. In order to retain the memory of that era, the “31 Virtual Valley” was born.

The factory area separated by more than a thousand tall trees is full of houses with gabled roofs or truss structures. The 31 Virtual Valley after redesign and decoration will take you back in time.

The design of 31 Virtual Valley embodies the hearts and minds of the owner. It is not an independent accommodation space, but a one-stop comprehensive space composed of Hugo Virtual Valley Design Hotel, Kingdom Golden Peach Restaurant, Yuanbai Exhibition Hall, etc.

The layout and furnishings here can make your eyes shine. The super high ceiling, the red brick wall and the scattered vintage chandeliers … all will make you feel like that you are in the large wine cellar of a castle.

Fresh green plants, Yuanbai tea sets, brass hangers, etc., are all low-key and rich in texture, among which you can feel the distinctive tone and feelings.

Address: Building 31, Dongxin Hechuang Park, 139 Liuhe Road 留和路139号东信和创园31幢

Cilichang•Jingshe 瓷立场·静舍

The beauty of porcelain is that it appears the true color of the glaze. At the foot of Jingshan, there is a porcelain-themed guesthouse, which is Cilichang·Jingshe.

This guesthouse is a British-style garden villa in the depths of Jingshan, standing all alone in nature. It has a forest coverage rate of 91.2%, 25,000 mu of natural negative oxygen ion oxygen bar, and a large tea garden. The most important thing is the full house colored glazed porcelain ornaments, which reminds people of the lyrics: “The sky is waiting for mist and rain, and I am waiting for you.”

Every corner of the guesthouse is occupied by porcelains. Porcelain sanitary appliances, porcelain table lamps, matched with the furniture of the old western-style house … the leisure and comfort you feel are the most common feelings you have.

The guesthouse also has a forest sports field. Imagine how relaxing it will be to run and sweat freely in the green mountains and green waters!

Address: Villa 55-2, Yishan County, Jingshan Town 径山镇依山郡别墅55-2