The Wheat Shrimp

The Wheat Shrimp is the most distinctive and representative food in Linhai and is also a pasta snack that can be seen in all corners of Jiangnan area (Yangtze River Delta).

How to make it? At first, mix a proper proportion of flour with water (sometimes eggs will be added) and then stir them altogether until it becomes a flour paste. After that, a pot of boiling water is needed. Then here comes the most crucial step: hold the paste with one hand, cut the paste into strips by kitchen knife with another hand and pour them into the boiling water one by one. The flour strips will be spinning in the water, which looks like swimming shrimps and this is the origin of the food name.

Nowadays, abundant ingredients such as shrimps, agarics, shredded meat and clams will be added to intensify its flavor. However, if time goes back to ancient times when poor people could not afford to buy meat, the Wheat Shrimp was simply served with some vegetables and it was not made to satisfy one’s sensuality but to meet their physical need.

The Wheat Shrimp, which is considered not only as a local snack, but also the staple food for Linhai people, is ubiquitous. Restaurants bedecked with delicate shop signs serving the Wheat Shrimp have sprung up everywhere from Taizhou to Hangzhou to Ningbo.