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Enjoy a Good Ride at Qiandao Lake

Winter is gone and spring wakes up everything in the world. It's time to get together with your cycling buddies to have a good ride!

Qiandao Lake is regarded as a paradise for cycling. Whether you are a professional cyclist or a cycling enthusiast, or you just want to enjoy spring on a bike, you can find a cycling route in Qiandao Lake that fits you.

Most of the cycling routes in Qiandao Lake go around the islands and there are mountains, lakes and forests on the way...With lush green mountains and lucid water, and a beautiful landscape crafted by Mother Nature, Qiandao Lake caters to the needs of both beginners and advanced riders.

In recent years, many international and national road cycling competitions have been held at Qiandao Lake.

Come to Qiandao Lake in spring to cycle on the same track of international and national road cycling competitions!

Qianfen Line 千汾线

Route: ① Qiandao Lake Square (千岛湖广场) -  ② Qiandao Lake Bridge (千岛湖大桥) - ③ Jieshou Town (界首乡) - ④ Jiangjia Town (姜家镇) - ⑤ Langchuan Town (浪川乡) - ⑥ Fenkou Town (汾口镇)

Features: About 70 kilometers long, it is flat and has beautiful scenery along the way. It is a relatively longer cycling route that involves a large amount of exercise and is good for cycling enthusiasts. Meanwhile, it also serves well for competition, fitness, sightseeing and experience purposes.

Attractions on the way: Xiaojinshan Bridge (小金山大桥), Red Leaf Bay (红叶湾), Meifeng Peak Observation Deck (梅峰观景台), Zhuli Guesthouse (竹里驿站), Wenyuan Lion City (文渊狮城), Longchuan Bay (龙川湾), Qinchuan Ancient Village (芹川古村), Fenkou Ecological Wetland (汾口生态湿地), etc.

Round Southwest Lake Line 


Route: ① Qiandao Lake Square (千岛湖广场) - ② Qiandao Lake Bridge (千岛湖大桥) - ③ Qianfen Line (千汾线) - ④ Jieshou Town (界首乡) - ⑤ Jiangjia Town (姜家镇) - ⑥ Langchuan Town (浪川乡) - ⑦ Fenkou Town (汾口镇) - ⑧ Fengshuling Town (枫树岭镇) - ⑨ Dashu Town (大墅镇) - ⑩ Anyang Town (安阳乡) - ⑪ Shangjiangbu Bridge (上江埠大桥) - ⑫ Qiandao Lake Tourist Pier (千岛湖旅游码头) - ⑬ Qiandao Lake Square (千岛湖广场)

Features: About 160 kilometers long, joined together by Qianfen Line and Chunyang Line, it is a dynamic and challenging line for both cycling and driving. Qianfen Line features beautiful scenery and many tunnels, while Chunyang Line winds around the lakes and mountains and has many bends. It is very thrilling and full of unlimited fun. It offers not only beautiful views of lakes and mountains, but also the unique countryside scenery and is a classic cycling line around the lakes. As it is very long, it is recommended that normal tourists should plan two days for it.

Attractions on the way: Red Leaf Bay (红叶湾), Xiaojinshan Bridge (小金山大桥), Wenyuan Lion City (文渊狮城), Longchuan Bay (龙川湾), Qinchuan Ancient Village (芹川古村), Fenkou Ecological Wetland (汾口生态湿地), Xiajiang Village (下姜村), Qiandao Lake Grand Canyon (千岛湖大峡谷), Shangjiangbu Bridge (上江埠大桥), Cycling Bridge (骑行桥), etc.

Lianghuang Line 良黄线

Route: ① Qiandao Lake Square (千岛湖广场) - ② Round Lake North Road (环湖北路 ) - ③ Pingshan (坪山) - ④ Provincial Line 06 (06省道) - ⑤ Huangzhishan Bridge (黄智山桥) - ⑥ Jinfu Line (金富线) - ⑦ Forest Oxygen Bar (森林氧吧) - ⑧ Qingtian Village, Fuwen Town (富文青田)

Features: The undulating line stretches for about 40 kilometers. With a picturesque environment and beautiful countryside scenery, it is good for both sports and leisure travel.

Attractions on the way: Qiandao Lake Beer Town (千岛湖啤酒小镇), Linhai Guizhen Park (林海归真), Wangzi Valley Drifting (王子谷漂流), Forest Oxygen Bar (森林氧吧), Geling Farmer’s House (葛岭农家乐示范点), etc.

Tips to Rent Bicycles

Bicycles are available for rent at all hotels, guesthouses, campgrounds, tourist information centers and bicycle rental outlets in Qiandao Lake Town.


Pailing Peninsula Guesthouse: 13750860670

Shangjiangbu Guesthouse: 13588480188

Tianqing Island Guesthouse: 18072826316

Beiou Guesthouse: 18268029338

Qiandao Lake Public Bicycle: Scan the QR code to rent