Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

2020 Qiandao Lake Camping Guide

If you want to stay away from polluted air, crowds and electronic devices and to have close contact with nature; If you want to have a sound sleep under the starry sky; If you want to camp in mountains, barbeque in the open and have fun in the wild; If you want to light a bonfire and sing and dance around it … then come to Qiandao Lake to go camping!

01 Jiangjia Campsite 姜家露营营地

Qiandao Lake (Jiangjia) Campsite takes up an area of 300 mu (1 mu is roughly equal to 666 sq m). It is advantageously located, bordering Qiandao Lake in the south and encircling the over 600 mu Baiqin Lake (百琴湖).

The campsite is built with a lakeside camping lawn, a natural base, an asphalt sports field, an original outdoor sports experience field, restaurant, ecological vegetable field, Wi-Fi, public health infrastructure, etc. It is an ideal place to conduct outdoor sports, company/organization activities, family get-togethers, and all sorts of large outdoor sports.

Telephone: +86 18906528809

02 Jiangjia RV Campsite 姜家房车营地

Qiandao Lake RV Camping Club is situated inside the characteristic town, Jiangjia Town, and right beside the most beautiful cycling road, Qianfen Road. It is only 40 minutes’ drive from Qiandaohu Town. The campsite takes up an area of over 200 mu and has nearly 100 standard RV camping spots and 200 parking spots for cars.

All RV camping spots inside the campsite are built according to the European standards and all are equipped with water supply, water drainage, internet, cable TV and other infrastructure, and private RVs are also acceptable.

Telephone: +86 571 64823636

03 Slow Life Square 慢生活广场

Slow Life Square is located at the starting point of Pailing Peninsular Greenway. It is built near Qiandao Lake, is adjacent to Qiandao Lake Tourist Wharf, amphibious gas station, and has the largest parking lot of Qiandao Lake opposite it. It is well-equipped.

In addition, the campsite is equipped washroom, bathroom, suitable for camping.

Telephone: 400 826 5176

04 Jieshou Jieju Base 界首界桔基地

Delicious food, music, games, bonfire, and starry sky to light up your day! Among grasses in forests, with the starry sky acting like your cover and the ground as your bed, listening to birds and insects … this is the Jieshou Jieju Base, the first starry tent campsite along Qianfen Road (千汾线).

Shutterbugs and astrophiles really should miss the rare starry sky. Choose a nice spot and set up your camera, and a blockbuster is about to be produced.
Telephone: +86 13588223111

05 Wenchang RV Camping Base 文昌房车露营基地

Come to Qiandao Lake to have a free RV trip. The camping base has not only self-driving RV camping spots, but also many types of trailer-type RVs. It provides accommodation, food, vintage car exhibition, large-scale truck exhibition, etc.

Telephone: +86 18801800806

06 Linqi RV Campsite 临岐房车营地

Linqi RV Campsite is a brand-new RV campsite with well-equipped facilities and picturesque surrounding scenery. It is an ideal place for people to breathe fresh air and calm their hearts down.

Look at this space, don’t you feel interested? Backing onto mountains, facing the lake, let’s go there to experience the charm of nature among blooming spring flowers.

Telephone: +86 18801800806

07 Yaoshan Qianniugang Camping Base 瑶山牵牛岗露营基地

Qianniugang, with an altitude of 1,470 meters, is a holy place of star viewing in the hearts of astrophiles in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions. It is also on the classic hiking routes and cycling routes.

Here, you can put up a tent, watch the starry sky, wait for the sunrise and enjoy the cloud sea; Here, you can hike among mountains with a backpack on your back, listening to music and thinking about nothing, and enjoy red maples, green pines and curling up mist and clouds to quietly have a slow-paced leisure time.

Telephone: +86 13588223111