Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Beautiful Scenery in Xihu District Not to Be Missed

Spring in Xihu District is very enchanting in April, the most beautiful month of the year. In addition to the gardens and parks full of flowers in front of you, the following gorgeous scenery should not be missed as well! Follow me today to explore the extraordinary spring sights in Xihu District!


Let's have a picnic on the big lawn.

The big lawn on the Ninth Street in spring is shining under the sunlight. The willows are swaying gracefully under the breeze, and the tender branches are green and pretty.

You may prepare a tent, a picnic mat, a picnic basket, and plentiful delicious snacks and drinks and start a fun and easy picnic trip with your family!

With the warm sunshine and breeze, it is really great to enjoy the beautiful springtime and have a nice get-together with your family and friends.


It's time to visit the tea mountains.

In the spring full of dazzling flowers, you may go to Longwu Tea Town, west of the West Lake, to enjoy the special gift of spring: the spring tea.

Every spring, the 10,000 mu of tea fields in Longwu Tea Town are bustling with activities such as picking and frying tea...And even the air is filled with the aroma of the West Lake Longjing tea.

There are not as many tourists as Meijiewu. In the town, you will mostly see local busy tea farmers who pin their hopes for the year on the tiny leaves and put the taste of spring in a bowl of tea.

The overlapping tea hills spread endlessly into the distance, like a high-end scene that appears in a film.

In this most romantic spring, we should of course see, smell and taste tea in Longwu.

And there is a big lawn and crystal clear water in Guangmingsi Reservoir, nestled among the tea mountains in Shangchengdai Village. 

You can enjoy a cup of authentic West Lake Longjing tea, smell the tea fragrance and revel in the beautiful scenery of the reservoir. It is very much fun indeed.


The greenway here is extraordinarily beautiful.

Where can we go for a walk in spring? If you would like to enjoy both beautiful scenery and cycling, you should go to the greenway in Lanli Scenic Area!

Whenever you come here, you will feel totally refreshed as if you've come into a fairyland on the earth.

About 12 km long, the slow-moving greenway winds through the entire Lanli Scenic Area. Seen from the air, it looks like a beautiful ribbon, accompanied by the crystal clear river.

There are many attractions around, such as the Shadow of Qianping Lake, Lotus Fragrance of Shuiqu, Dragon Boat Pier, Rose Fragrance Town, Hualian Park, Culture Hall, and Taiwan-style Food Street.

You can not only ride and stroll, but also row a sculling boat here!


Qingzhiwu, the right place for a slow life

To the west of the West Lake, there are green fields as far as the eye can see. Whenever you turn around, there is a corridor. And when you look back, your eyes will be full of beautiful scenery.

The once dilapidated and messy farmhouses have been transformed into new Hangzhou-style farmhouses with white walls and babbling streams. Come here for a short time to be away from the fast-paced life. Indulge yourself in the slow life of the beautiful springtime

In this season, there are already crawfishes for sale on the streets of Qingzhiwu! Enjoy eating and chatting in the warm breeze and playing Truth or Dare. Such a spring evening should be really cozy.


Springtime “Little Forest” is right here!

What else can we do in spring apart from watching flowers? Of course, we can go for picking as well! It's not as hot as summer, but there are lots of delicious fruits!

Let’s pick strawberries, mulberries and cherries in the farms in Shuangpu Town, Xihu District... Enjoy the pleasant springtime and experience the “Little Forest” in real life.

In addition to the yummy fruits and vegetables, there are also free-range chickens that have grown up with cherries as snacks. With such a pleasant life, what more could the chickens ask for?

If you haven’t got a plan for the May Day holiday this year, why not go to Shuangpu Town to enjoy picking? And most importantly, you could stay away from the big crowds then!