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A secret realm in East China Sea that has the most beautiful mudflats in Zhejiang

Along the 227-kilometer-long coastline are reefs, beaches and 166 islands with strange topography, which have together formed a unique landscape. A regular “guest” of CCTV, it was once referred to by "A Bite of China II" as the hometown of Chinese small seafood. It has 590,000 mu of shallow sea, 210,000 mu of mudflats, 190,000 mu of aquaculture bases, numerous ponds and beaches. And this town of small seafood is still bustling during the closed fishing seasons! It is Sanmen in Taizhou, a treasure of southern Zhejiang, reachable in 1.5 hours by bullet train from Hangzhou and 30 minutes by car from Ningbo.

Kuotangshan Island

Kuotangshan Island, the third largest island among the 122 islands in Sanmen Bay, is the one that has the most unusual landform. Carved by nature for billions of years, the eastern and southern sides of the island show a strange sea erosion landscape. It is rarely seen in China.

Regarded as "China's Reef Museum," the island is made up of maroon tuffs and is famous for its reefs and rock formations in different shapes. Having been washed by the waves for a long time, the hundreds of pictographs form a group of reefs and caves that extend for nearly 10 miles.

Tips: Rarely visited by tourists, the island is easily accessible in a few minutes by ferry from Fangshan Pier.

Shepan Island

Some say this used to be the kingdom of pirates many years ago, and some say it was the land of savages. Shepan Island, Taizhou's biggest island, easy to defend and difficult to attack, once was a long-standing base of generations of deadly pirates.

Known as the "Fairy Kingdom on the Sea," the island has a thousand-year history of quarrying. There are thousands of holes in different shapes, which are a miracle created by human hands. Thus the island also has the reputation of “Thousand Hole Island.” The high quality stone materials produced locally have made it the birthplace of Sanmen’s stone window art.

Tips: You can take the ferry from Sanmen Shang’ao pier to the island. And if you drive, you can even ferry your car together. Then it will be more convenient for you to travel around the island. In addition to the three major attractions, the Savage Cave, the Pirate Estate and the Mud Slide Park, the Lion Ridge Observation Deck is a great place to watch the sunrise over the sea!

Huaqiao Town

Huaqiao is a bridge, a village, and also a town. Sailing down Sanmen Bay and up Puba Port, you will arrive at Huaqiao, which was once a famous trade town. In Qing Dynasty, the government once set up a government office here. As the world changed, the town, gradually forgotten in the flood of history, became little known.

The local razor clams are famous for their thin shells, fatty meet, white color and sweet taste. Huaqiao Guantou Seafood Street is close to the 10,000 mu of small seafood farms. The homely taste, served from fishing to the table in less than 20 minutes, even attracts a constant stream of locals.

Sanmen Travel Tips

Traffic information: about 3 hours by car from Hangzhou; 1.5 hours by bullet train from Hangzhou; about 4 hours by car from Shanghai; about 2.5 hours by bullet train from Hangzhou.