Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Things That You Shouldn’t Miss in Spring

Due to the requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control work, you probably have stayed in for a long time and begun to lose track of the time. It’s spring now! Do you know? There are things that should be done in spring otherwise you’ll feel that you have wasted the great springtime.

View Flowers in Spring

Spring is the most suitable season for viewing flowers. Fields of rapeseed, winter jasmines on the roadside, small flowers dotted in green belt and sprouting willows ... Everything is just like what a beautiful spring should be, vibrant and lively!

Just while the flowers are blooming, colorful spring views are everywhere and the breeze is comfortable, come and enjoy the flowers at Qiandao Lake ~

Cycling in Spring

Qiandao Lake enjoys a unique and superior environment, which makes it a preferred destination for many cycling enthusiasts. All roads feature beautiful views of Qiandao Lake, mountains, azure sky and snow-white cloud, so what are you waiting for?

Go Hiking

Spring is a good time for hiking, which is not only a good exercise, but also a good opportunity to enjoy the scenery along the way and shoot some beautiful photos that will go viral in your Moments of WeChat.

Drink Spring Teas

Good mountains and good water make good tea. In the sunny tea season, come to Qiandao lake to smell the refreshing tea fragrance and have a drink of Qiandao Lake teas, and then you will know the taste of spring.

Have a Spring Breeze Tour

Four Qiandao Lake Custom Itineraries, "Spring Breeze Tours” invite visitors from all over the country to tour the lake, go cycling, view flowers, and hike to appreciate the "Chun’an-style" spring and share the hope of spring.